Capybara Addon For MCPE 1.19!

Capybara Addon For MCPE 1.19!


Capibara Addon, this addon adds capybaras to your Minecraft world they can be generated in 3 biomes that we will see later and I will mention the things that the addon brings

Warnings before using the addon, If you are going to show the addon in a video give us credits, do not modify the addon for public use and do not pass off this addon as your own, well with that said let's start 


Adult Capybara 

It has 5 life points and is friendly with all mobs in the game. 

Baby Capybara 

It has 5 life points, it is friendly with all the mobs in the game and they will always follow their parents

There is a small chance that a capybara with glasses will spawn


Capybaras can spawn in the Jungle, Mangrove, and Swamp biomes