FaithClient v1.1

Has Minecraft gotten boring recently? Want something new and useful? Say hello to FaithClient, a new Minecraft Bedrock texture pack client with a focus on aesthetics, and a new way to choose the features YOU need.

FaithClient v1.1

Having a “Too long didn’t read” moment? Here’s a quick video to sum it all up!

FaithClient brings an aesthetic and unique UI, providing a clean and well-designed interface, that will please your eyes.

Not only that, we provide other useful features for Minecraft, such as:

  1. Lowfire
  2. Outlined ores
  3. Semi-clear water
  4. No clouds
  5. No particles 
  6. No weather
  7. Fast chat
  8. No pumpkin blur
  9. Numbered destroy animation
  10. Outlined powdered snow
  11. Smooth scoreboard

Well, ever had that one moment where you wished your pack only had the features you needed, without unnecessary lag hiding behind a mod menu? Don’t worry, we got you covered!

We bring a new and unique method to customize your client to your needs. We deliver a custom tailored pack generated just for you through our website. Forgot to include a feature on your last download? Easy, just generate again! Can’t decide on what you want? Pick a preset that suits your needs! 

All ready to try it out?

Visit our website at to download.


Low fire: CrudeNoGoat *

Smooth scoreboards: Light (An actual legend) *

* He/she/they can request to remove these textures/components at any time

And all the members of the FaithClient team for making this a reality!