MCPE 1.19 Shaders For Low End Devices! (Craddy Shader)

MCPE 1.19 Shaders For Low End Devices! (Craddy Shader)


Craddy Shader - these are shaders for weak devices and for new versions with a renderdragon. Shaders change different things in the game. They change the fog, some textures and more! You can read the entire list below and see the photos. Shaders work on IOS,  Android, Windows 10.

Shader functions: 

  1. Atmospheric fog in all biomes
  2. The rustle of all foliage
  3. The rustle of all plants (except for all types of corus).
  4. Dynamic lighting
  5. New cloud texture
  6. New sun and moon texture
  7. Improved nether block textures
  8. Improved textures in the ender world Atmospheric fog in the ender world
  9. Recommendations in the kit description (read them all).
  10. Improved sky in the ender world
  11. Beautiful sunset
  12. Improved Particles 
  13. Improved water