The Best Optimizer For Minecraft Bedrock Edition 2023 (Performizer+)

The Best Optimizer For Minecraft Bedrock Edition 2023 (Performizer+)


Performizer+ is one of the greatest texture packs this year that provides an amazing FPS Boost. From removing particles, animations, this texture pack truly has it all.


  • Disabled particles
  • Disabled block animations
  • Reduced num-mip-levels
  • Reduced padding
  • No biome blending (only for water)
  • No swamp biome blending
  • Clear water
  • Opaque leaves
  • Opaque water
  • Reduced enchantment glint resolution
  • Removed pumpkin blur
  • Removed spyglass overlay
  • Removed sun and moon
  • Removed clouds
  • Removed stars (only non renderdragon)
  • Removed entity shadows (only non renderdragon)
  • Removed vignette
  • Cross fire (X shape)
  • Clear backgrounds (no chat-, item name background etc.)
  • Disabled view bobbing

Screenshot while using Performizer+ (Beautiful Mode)

There are also two amazing extensions you can intall to optimize your game even more!