MCPE Central is a free website made for Minecraft Bedrock Editions players who seek to enhance their playing experience. From shaders, servers and realms, there is something for everyone on this website. We know it can be a struggle to find quality servers and downloadable content for Minecraft Bedrock edition so we did all the work for you! We work with underrated server and texture pack creators to help provide content for this website. Our mission is to make Minecraft Bedrock a more fun, enjoyable and interactive experience for anyone. Anywhere. Forever.

We also wanted to create a place where anyone can share their ideas and opinions on anything Minecraft Bedrock related. Feel free to interact with others on this site!

This website was created and founded by the Minecraft Bedrock Edition YouTuber FryBry who has been on the space since 2019. FryBry makes a significant amount of content relating to addons, textures packs, etc and intends on using this website for viewers to browse around and locate any addons or texture packs. FryBry was inspired by the YouTuber "SuperShiftery" to create this website. FryBry and his team will make sure that all content here is safe, secure and easy to use. Many of these posts come with videos that explain the posts in more detail.