Pocket Pixels Minecraft Java Edition Server!

Pocket Pixels Minecraft Java Edition Server!

Pixelmon is one of the most iconic mods in Minecraft Java Edition as it combines Minecraft with another gaming juggernaut, Pokémon. Pixelmon is a Minecraft mod that adds elements of Pokémon to the game, ranging from Pokémon, pokeballs, PCs, etc. Pixelmon has been around the community for many years and this server makes Pixelmon a multiplayer experience for many to join. Accessing this server requires you to download Pixelmon.

Pocket Pixels is an amazing Minecraft Java Edition server home to an open world style gamemode. Players can join unique Pokémon maps based on the popular Pokémon games. Some options include Pixelmon Yellow and Pixelmon Red. Each of these different versions have unique landscapes, bosses, etc.

Players are able to form groups in the server and even claim land together. Claiming land will ensure that no one destroys the area within the claim. It is ideal to build a base in your claim where you are able to store Pokémon, store items, etc. Thankfully, we are able to claim a substantial amount of land that can fit the needs of anyone. 


One of the highlights of this server and Pixelmon in general is the ability to have Pokémon battles with other players. To start off, make sure you have at least one Pokémon in your side hotbar. Then press the "r" button and make sure the pokeball hits your opponent. Then, your opponent will be able to "accept" the battle offer or "decline" the battle offer. In these Pokémon battles, players take turns where their respective Pokémon performs a certain attack. The first player to have all their Pokémon faint is declared the loser. Players are also able to purchase berries and potions in order to have an advantage in these Pokémon battles. 


The shop system is extensive and is home to many products users are able to buy via the in game currency. Some items we can buy include:

- Pokeballs (great ball, ultra ball, dusk ball, love ball, etc)

- Berries

- Pokemon eggs

- Pokemon healing PCs

- Pokemon trading machines

We are able to make money through selling ores, purchasing ranks, etc. 


This server truly shines in the amount of crates offered. This server is consistently hosting giveaways for crates keys which can then be used to open up these crates. These crates hold many random valuable items that can range from simple pokemon to shiny legendary pokemon. Crates are seasonal, meaning each season of the year will have their own themed crate.


This server even includes a place where players are able to get practice their Pokémon battling skills while also going on amazing adventures! The battle tower is a large Icy tower home to many NPCs ready to challenge players. The battle tower also has a significant amount of loot. The battle tower also houses lots of high level Pokémon, some even being level 70 or above!

At the very top of the battle tower, there is a boss player. The boss is extremely powerful, having Pokémon higher than level 100! Before entering the battle tower, make sure to have powerful Pokémon ready to battle.


Finding wild Pokémon can be a struggle in this server, but thankfully there is an area dedicated to those who seek to capture diverse amounts of Pokémon. The Safari has many different areas with unique biomes that only certain Pokémon can spawn in. Each biome can spawn common Pokémon, rare Pokémon, etc. Safaris are perfect for those seeking to expand their Pokémon collection on the server. The Safari can be a location, since many players are always looking for new Pokémon and could cause some competition.


This is an impressive server that really captures the magic of both Minecraft and Pokemon! The future of the server looks bright and we are excited to see what happens next!


- To start off, download Technic Launcher via the official Technic Platform: https://www.technicpack.net/

- Select the appropriate version of Technic Launcher (Mac, Windows, etc)

- Open the app and search "Pocket Pixels"

- Once "Pocket Pixels" is selected, download the mod and then press the "join" button on the lower right corner

- When Minecraft is open, select on the "add server" button and input the ip and port (can be found below)


This high quality server gets a 9/10 rating for its extensive Pokemon themed features. The gameplay in extremely smooth and easy to use!


IP: play.pocketpixels.net

PORT: 19132