Minecraft Bedrock Mineplex Server

Minecraft Bedrock Mineplex Server

Mineplex is an amazing featured server on the Minecraft Bedrock Edition platform. With dozens of minigames, custom models, and much more, this server offers a lot to any Minecraft Bedrock player. 

Mineplex has been around for nearly a decade and is a classic in the Minecraft space. Mineplex was first a Minecraft Java Edition server but was then added to Minecraft Bedrock in 2013 and became a featured server.

What makes Mineplex unique is the extensive amount of game modes and options for players to pick from. Mineplex game modes include:

- Arcade

- Block Hunt

- Bridges 

- Cake Wars

- Champions

- Clans

- Draw Thing

- Master Builder

- Minestrike

- Skywars

- Speed Builders


- Survival Games


The hub is filled with many different NPCs that can be pressed in order to teleport you to a certain gamemode. There is a Mineplex sign in the background as well! The hub is massive and has many areas to explore and find cool easter eggs.


Arcade offers some of the most unique game modes on any Minecraft Bedrock server. Arcade includes the minigames:

- Micro Battles

- Super Paintball

- Snake

This gamemode works by cycling through these gamemodes. Each of these game modes can be played individually, in duos, trios, and even squads. Each of these game modes are extremely polished. Micro Battles is a combat gamemode where there are 4 teams, each with 4 players and the last team wins. 


Block Hunt is Mineplex's take on the iconic Hide and Seek gamemode. One player is selected to be the seeker and must "hunt" all the other players who are dressed like a certain Minecraft block of their choice. This gamemode offers many intense and downright entertaining moments. If the seeker fails to hunt everyone in time, the hiders win but if the seeker finds all the hiders, the seeker wins. 


Mineplex even offers one of the most iconic gamemodes in Minecraft, skywars. In this gamemode, players start off in their own islands and each island provides players with some basic loot. In the middle of the map, there is more loot and players decide whether to make their way to the middle. They may encounter other players and battle them. The last person standing is the winner of the game. This gamemode can be played solo, with a duo, trio and even squad. 


Survival Games is another classic gamemode on the Mineplex server. Each game starts off with 24 players with loot in the middle of the map. Players are able to get as much loot as they can from the middle of the map and even collect more loot that is spread throughout the map. As time runs out, deathmatch occurs where the final players are teleported to a much smaller arena. Then, the players fight until there is no one left. The last person standing is the winner! Survival Games can also be played in solos, duos, trios, squads, etc. Survival Games has over 12 custom maps. 


YouTube Rank - YouTube rank is given to content creators who consistently post videos about the Mineplex server. Mineplex requires YouTube ranks to have over 5,000 subscribers and get at least 3,000 per video within a couple days of uploading the video. This rank provides motivation for creators and we are super excited to see the next few YouTube ranks.


Since Mineplex is a featured server, it should appear when Minecraft Bedrock is opened.

- Press the "play" button

- Click on the "servers" tab

- Select Mineplex


This server gets a 7/10 for its long list of gamemodes. However, the anti-cheat system on this server can be improved as its super common to find hackers on this server. This server can also get very laggy at times which can hinder game performance and make it annoying to play.