FryBry Membership Realm

FryBry Membership Realm

Minecraft Realms are an engaging and fun way to interact with other players. This realm provides a platform for Minecraft Bedrock users to play with others, go on adventures, etc. 


FryBry is a Minecraft Bedrock Edition YouTuber who is well known for finding amazing realms! FryBry has his own member exclusive realm where FryBry supporters can interact with others and even FryBry himself. FryBry is currently on the road to 200,000 subscribers and the future looks bright! 


This realm focuses on vanilla multiplayer survival where people can build houses, travel the world, travel dimensions and even fight the Ender Dragon boss. This is a pure vanilla realm with no modifications. It is currently updated to Minecraft Bedrock 1.18 and has the new terrain generation. This realm includes massive mountains, lush caves and all the new and amazing features from the Minecraft 1.18 Caves and Cliffs part 2 update. 


This realm is intended to be relaxing and fun however there needs to be some rules in place. These rules include:

- No hacking

- No bullying any other players

- No disrespecting staff members

- No destroying other players bases

Violation of these rules could result in a ban or a suspension. 


Joining this realm is extremely simple. Go to the FryBry YouTube channel and next the red subscribe button there should be a blue button that says "JOIN":

Before joining the realm, please be aware that there is a fee of 99 cents in order to join the membership. These 99 cents will be charged monthly in order to continue the service. 

After becoming a member, you will need to go under the member only community tab and join the discord posted. Type in your IGN or username in the discord or members only community tab in order to get added to the realm. Adding new members can take 1-3 days so please be aware of that. 

FryBry asks for 99 cents in order to help support the channel and have more resources to invest into the channel and make better videos for you! 


This realm is reset every time a new Minecraft Bedrock update is released or whenever there is high demand to have a reset. Players will be informed of such resets beforehand. Make sure to join the realm discord in order to have input on the decisions made. This realm is always being updated to be better and better and we can't wait to see you there!


There will be an anti cheat made on the realm to prevent hackers. All credit goes to MikeYT for creating this amazing and effective anti-cheat. Just in case, report any hackers in the discord server.


One of the major benefits of joining this realm is that players will have access to the FryBry member discord server where players can chat with other players on the realm, report hacking, bullying, or any other suspicious behavior. Players can also interact with FryBry in this discord and are able to set up projects with other players on the realm. Coordinates will be turned on in this realm so traveling from player to player should be no problem. The discord also comes with voice chats where you can verbally interact with other players on the realm and even FryBry.

We can't wait to see you on this amazing realm!