RTX Shaders For Minecraft Bedrock Edition

RTX Shaders For Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Two amazing texture packs for Mobile and PC 

We have 2 texture packs which one uses high detail textures and the other one with Ray Tracing enabled. Remember you need a RTX 2060 card to make this work. The main features of the pack are quite noticeable like high detail textures. On mobile devices the texture pack may the only thing to work since is just a texture pack with in "depth" textures.

RTX refers to ray tracing which is a modern rendering engine that has been getting increasingly popular. Minecraft Bedrock Edition got RTX support around April 2020 and since then more and more RTX shaders have been made for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. RTX can be very laggy even on the high PC devices and requires a significant amount of power from the PC. 

Here we got a few examples:

RTX in Minecraft is a complete game changer! In this image we are able to see the realistic reflections RTX brings and the smooth lighting it offers.The textures are extremely realistic and have so many details to them, We are able to see that the rails have reflections and the gold blocks have a smooth fade to it. 

The sunset is another major highlight in this shader. We have one of the smoothest and brightest sunsets in Minecraft Bedrock! We are able to see the light pass through the trees and be reflected on the water in real time. This shader is truly impressive and the reflections of the sun on the water adds to the realism of the shader. We can also notice the trees being reflected on the water which is a neat detail. 

Underwater we are able to get the most realistic and detailed reflections. As we get closer to the water, we are able to see a reflection of the ocean floor. The reflections are in real time and correspond with movements underwater. These add an element to realism that has never been seen before in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. 

Having a RTX shader on Minecraft Bedrock is a bit overkill and at times can cause your game to slow down. However, it is totally worth it to get these stunning graphics.


The YouTuber FryBry has made an in depth tutorial on how to check for your devices RTX capability. To summarize, you have to

- Go to the Minecraft Marketplace on the homescreen

- Go to search bar in the top right corner

- Search up the key word "RTX"

- Check if any RTX related content appears when "RTX'' is typed in. If there is no results that most likely means your device does not support RTX shaders


In the event that your device does not support this heavy RTX texture pack, do not worry! There are many other amazing and realistic texture packs you can download, even on mobile devices! Texture packs such as the RealResource pack are extremely realistic and work on all devices, even mobile devices! Having this RTX texture pack is a luxury and is not something that is essential in order to get enjoyment out of Minecraft. 

Conclusion: The pack is very beautiful and amazing with all the high detail textures and the ray tracing this combination is quite the best out there.


If u would like to download this texture pack and how to use it u can check out FryBry: