Pixel Paradise Minecraft Bedrock Server

Pixel Paradise Minecraft Bedrock Server

Pixel Paradise is the most recent server to be added to the "featured servers" tab in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Released in July 2021, this server has had its fair share of criticisms but also had its fair share of supporters. Pixel Paradise had a rocky start, with the server crashing and players being unable to join the server when it first came out. This Minecraft Bedrock Edition server focuses on minigames that involve interacting with other players and even some minigames that can be enjoyed by a single person.


Unlike most other Minecraft featured servers, this Minecraft server has been heavily criticized for its "pay-to-play" style. When the server first released, half of the game modes were behind a paywall that could cost players up to $20 just to play minigames on the server. Considering Minecraft on Pocket Edition costs around $8, not many were eager to spend more than double the price of the game on a Minecraft server. The minigames that were free felt rushed and neglected. For many Minecraft Bedrock players in the community, they perceived this as a greedy move. Furthermore, Pixel Paradise is owned by the same company that owns another Minecraft Bedrock featured server, Mineville. This server also lacks a party system and an effective chat filter.

PixelParadise has a decently sized player base, and even though it is the worst performing server among the featured server list, hundreds of players still log on to this server daily.


- Islands

- Volcano

- Spleef

- TNT run

- Guess who

- Cookcraft


Islands is Pixel Paradise's take on the classic minigame, skyblock. In this version, players are taken to an island in the middle of the ocean and start off with limited resources. Players have to construct farms and bases in order to obtain more materials. Players are able to purchase island helpers via minecoins that can assist them in their skyblock journey. Certain helpers can farm resources such as cobblestone or iron. This is a slowly paced gamemode that rewards time and commitment and is perfect for those who desire a challenge from Minecraft survival mode.


Volcano is Pixel Paradise's take on prisons, a gamemode where players mine blocks in exchange for in-game currency which can be used to purchase goods via the server store. In order to play this game mode, players have to purchase a pass that costs around $8 to play. Many players don't see the value in spending that much on a server and those who have purchased it were not very satisfied with the game play the pass provided. There is an excessive amount of paid downloadable content in this gamemode and as a result, many tend to avoid this gamemode altogether.


Spleef is a classic Minecraft minigame that has been played for years and this server does a decent job of adding it to a Minecraft Bedrock featured server. In this gamemode, players start off at the top of a platform with many layers underneath it. Every player is given a shovel that is used to break blocks under people to optionally drop them to the lower level. The winner is determined by the last player standing and that does not fall to the void. 


TNT run is one of the more beloved game modes on the server and its simple yet very intense gamemode makes it a favorite for many who join the server. Similar to spleef, players start on a platform where there are other platforms underneath one another. Every time a player runs in this gamemode, the tnt they just walked on drops down. As players start running and jumping, the platforms get smaller and smaller. In the end, the winner is determined by the last person still standing on any of the platforms.


“Guess who” is Pixel Paradise's take on "hide and seek" gamemode. Players are either hiders or there is a single hunter at the start of the game. Hiders can pick whichever block they would like to disguise as. The hunters must find all the hiders before the timer runs out, otherwise the hiders win.


Joining this server is extremely simple, login into a Microsoft account and then go under the "featured servers" tab and then select the option that says "Pixel Paradise." 


This server gets a 2/10 rating for its lack of free gamemodes, lack of anti-cheats and it overall seems like a cash grab. This server has lots of room to improve and if this server adds some more free gamemodes, the score could go up significantly.