River Network Minecraft Bedrock Server

River Network Minecraft Bedrock Server

Rivernetwork is a new Minecraft Bedrock Edition that works on both Minecraft Bedrock Edition and Java Edition. This server has a great future and is already off to an amazing start. The owner of the server, Riverrain123 is the creator of the server and manages the backend. 

This server focuses on game modes that can be enjoyed by all Minecraft players. This server features amazing game modes such as:

- Survival SMP

- Kit PvP

- Skyblock


Survival SMP was the first gamemode on the server and starts off with players being teleported to a random location in the map. From there, players are able to gather resources, build houses, build farms, explore the world, etc. This is a survival world but on a server where lots of people can join the world. In this server, there is a way to prevent players from destroying your builds by using the "/claim" command that will allow you to own a chunk of land in the server where no one is able to break anything inside the claim. The radius of the claim can change and fit any player's needs. You are also able to purchase items through the shop in order to buy items that would normally take long to obtain in regular survival. You are also able to make teams on the server and invite other players using their username.


Skyblock is classic Minecraft gamemode that has been around for years! Skyblock starts off with players starting off in a floating island. In order to claim an island, users must type "/is create" in order to make their skyblocks. They can then choose whatever name they would like their skyblock to go by. Every skyblock comes with a free starter kit that comes with lava, water, food, etc. There is also one tree on the island to help players start off. From there, they can expand the island and purchase items that would not be possible to get in a floating island such as certain ores. This gamemode is super simple yet fun. There is endless possibilities in this server and some of the islands built on the gamemode are truly impressive. Just like in survival, you are able to form teams with others by inviting them via their username.


Kit PvP is another classic gamemode that has been a staple of Minecraft servers for years. In this server, players are able to jump into a large custom built arena where they can fight each other. Before joining the fight, players are able to redeem a free kit that includes items such as: iron sword, iron armor, food, potions, etc. This is to help players have fair and engaging battles with one another. Players are able to get different kits that include better items in order to stand a better chance against other players. These kits can be purchased or earned via playing the server consistently. Kit PvP is the most recent addition to the server and the maps on it are truly amazing.


This server is unique because players on both Java Edition and Bedrock edition are able to join the server and interact with one another. Not many servers have this feature, which makes River network ahead of most other servers. This will allow for more players to have access to this amazing server!


This is an amazing server with three polished and high quality game modes. The server has many plans for the future and more game modes are coming soon. The server has seen massive success in the short time that it has been around and the future is bright for the server.


IP: rivernetwork.net

PORT: 19132