Best Beginners Seed For Minecraft 1.21!

Best Beginners Seed For Minecraft 1.21!

If you're looking to start Minecraft here is an amazing seed for you guys today. This seed comes along with easy accessible locations from spawn that will help any beginner out with starting off Minecraft with a good start in mind. These range from Ocean Monument, Village, Deep dark, Mineshaft and Ancient City. I briefly mention a few in this seed but you can find the rest yourself.


Disclaimer: This is not a form to give you a guide on how everything works in these locations. The main purpose of this seed showcase is to show you some popular locations that are rare to find in game which will confuse a beginner at first but over time you will get the hang of it. I will only give really brief explanations on these locations though but everything in that location will not be explored in this article. It's just a means to show off this newly discovered seed for everyone who's a fan of Minecraft and anyone who wants a good experience with the game.


Ocean Monument at Spawn 

One of the features of this seed is its amazing placement. At the start of the game you will spawn if you go to the coordinates mentioned under this document you will find the ocean monument with no problems. Or you can discover this disclosed location by yourself without looking at the coordinates because it's not really far. Ocean Monuments in Minecraft are substantial buildings that can only be found in ocean biomes. They occur specifically in Deep variations, which are distinguished by their extraordinarily tall Kelp forests. They stand out since they are the largest building in the game without any chests or loot. They however house a number of guardians guarding a massive amount of gold blocks you can take advantage over.


Mineshaft Above Ancient City 

Another crazy thing I found about this seed is that it have a Mineshaft right above a ancient city pretty interesting right although I couldn't get a good screenshot I provides other images to Aid in you understanding of how the location is laid out. Mine Shafts are structures generated in game that house a lot of ores to mine and chest to find. They act as a mining ground to start your journey into the complexity of Minecraft. You can also find other structures that give high level loot as well known as the Ancient City. The only problem you may face entering this ancient city are wardens spawning out of nowhere. To defend against a warden is straight forward you need to stay as quiet as possible not trigger any sensors in the biome. If you do anger the sensors and awaken the warden then you can prevent yourself from getting kill by getting away and staying still so the warden can't find you or you can build upward to prevent yourself from getting attack but this can be bad as well if not done right because the warden has a special beam that he launches at you.

Village Far Off

A little village is presented as well. You can go there and gather resources before you adventure onward into the game. You can find villagers that can help in your journey with items rare to find in the game itself. Sometimes a wandering trader will appear with rare materials for you to buy. They don't only spawn in the village but anywhere around the Minecraft world the player settles at. A village is a collection or complex of buildings and other Overworld-generated constructions. A village is home to villagers who live there as people, cats that live there as pets, iron golems who serve as defense, passive herds of animals who serve as farms, sporadic zombie villagers, and roving traders with their trader llamas.



Ocean Monument

71 , 51 , 15 


-1391 86 -1567  

 Ancient City

-4111 92 -207