BEST Cherry Blossom Village Seed For Minecraft - Sakura Sumisu

BEST Cherry Blossom Village Seed For Minecraft - Sakura Sumisu

Spawn into a vast world ready to explore, diamonds may be your main goal as soon as you get into this seed, but I bargain you a guy for scenery. The Cherry blossom village is known for their marvelous mines that are full of danger lurking at every corner, take one step and you might fall into the abyss and never return to the light day. Well, that would not scare a traveler like you right? These mighty villagers of the smith forge weaponry to combat the monsters at night, Sakura Sumisu is the name of this village. They specialize in heavy weaponry and tools, or it could be a simple farming village to conquer the economy. Many look for this village only to find copies or replicas of the original thing. Sakura Sumisu also has mighty mountains full of chilling snow that cover the lands from evil forces and pestilence that arise from the abyss that is the end. The massive ravine split the village into two the villagers say that a monster by the name of the wither attack the village long ago because of their argument between two fractions of the village the wither got anger of the villagers because they woke him up from his sleep so in return, he split the village in half to teach them a lesson. This is just my documentary on this village but you the traveler will explore this village and make your own story.



Pillager Outpost – Tengu 

The enemies of the Sakura Sumisu village only seek rot and destruction they attack villages leaving nothing but demolition and death causing villagers to go into running. The leader of the Pillagers, Tengu aims to destroy all the villages and multiply to one day conquer the ocean monument the great city of gold. Sakura and Tengu went to war creating the first Cherry blossom war, The villagers trained the sniffers to fight off the ravagers and the pillagers train the ravagers to fight off the villagers the war ended with the pillagers almost going into extinction, but they still lurk in the shadows of the woodlen mansion. 


Ocean Monument  

The Ocean Monument is almost hidden from plain sight. The pillagers could not even find leads to find this massive city of gold. As the traveler I task you to find the ocean monument and find out all the secrets it may hold. You can talk to one of the villagers whose role is a cartographer. He will give you a map to find the Ocean Monument to start your journey to uncover the secrets of this world. I leave this up to you. 


Woodlen Mansion 

At the end of your journey take a stop at the Woodlen Mansion to take out what is left of those Monterious people known as the pillagers you are the scholar that I have been waiting for you have found the secrets of this world and your next mission is up to you but I will give you some guidance on some places you can go or you may have went to these places already since it's really close to the village itself. As for the pillagers you should have a new weapon to take them out, ending the cycle of destruction that was cast upon this world. I have some more stops for you, just one more stop before you reach the end of your journey traveler.  




Welcome to the Mineshaft well you didn’t expect to return to this village well if you go deep into the mineshaft you can find diamonds and materials to help you slay the final boss of this world you already know by now what I am referring to, but I leave it up to you now my trusted traveler. 

Seed: 65434353559200


Spencer Whitworth  for the seed

Screenshots by YeshedudeYT / HerixStudio

Coordinates for all known/captured structures & locations:

Cherry Blossom Village - Sakura Sumisu - 10 , 143, 61

Pillager Outpost -          -424, 111, -226

Ocean Monument -       -2272, 60, -981
Woodlen Mansion -       -523, 87, -776

Mineshaft -                   -394, 20, -188