Life Boat Minecraft Bedrock Server

Life Boat Minecraft Bedrock Server

Lifeboat is one of the servers to be partnered with Microsoft and be featured on the "featured" tab list of servers. This server is home to dozens of polished and well made games and has an extensive and rich history in the Minecraft Bedrock community.


Before Minecraft "Pocket Edition" was converted to "Bedrock Edition", Lifeboat would be the go to server for Minecraft Pocket Edition players to have PvP action! Lifeboat had humble beginnings and became beloved in the Minecraft Pocket Edition community. Lifeboat would officially become partnered with Microsoft in 2017 during the "Better Together" update. Since then, the server has been expanding and always improving.


Lifeboat is home to many original game modes including:

Survival Games

Capture The Flag


Cake Wars



Creative Mode

Zombie Apocalypse


Capture the flag is one the unique game modes Lifeboat has. In this gamemode, there are two teams on opposite sides of a massive map. Teams are determined by the player's wool color. Each team has two flags on their side of the island. Each team has to make an attempt to get the flag from the opposing team by traveling to their side and making their way through the other team. Players may decide to rush into the opposing side or make a stealthy entrance, avoiding being noticed. Players are given blocks, bows and iron in order to build a defense to protect their flag. Players can also craft iron armor to have a better chance at winning this game.


Not many servers have this gamemode which makes Lifeboat a very unique experience. In creative mode, players are given a grid of land where players can build whatever they desire within the grid. Players are able to express their creativity, show off their building skills, learn from the builds of others, etc. Be sure to report any inappropriate builds to the server staff.


Prisons is a gamemode that does not get as much as it deserves. Prisons is a gamemode about patience, long term goals, and slowly building something amazing. Players are taken to mines where people can farm items. Mines start off with basic resources such as wood, cobblestone, etc. As the player levels up and progresses in their prison's journey, the mines they will have access to will improve significantly. At the very high end, these mines can include diamond blocks, gold blocks, etc. Mining these blocks will provide players with in game money which can be used to purchase via the in game store. Ranks can be purchased to obtain pickaxes with effective enchantments.


Another unique gamemode is Zombie Apocalypse. In this gamemode, players are put into a map filled with zombies. Players have to eliminate the zombies via swords, bows, potions, etc. If a zombie gets too close to a player, that player will get infected and become a zombie themselves. The maps in this game mode are extensive, with so many areas for zombies to hide and catch you by surprise. Players can also get supply drops that will provide them with useful tools such as armor that can help them out during the game. 


This server will forever be remembered in the Minecraft Bedrock community, for the massive influence it had thanks to its innovative ideas. The story of this server is truly inspirational and it's rewarding to witness the server partner with a billion dollar company. Even as of 2022, this server still manages to drive a significant player base and maintain a high quality. This server also has a discord server players can join and meet others who also enjoy playing this server.


Since this is a featured server, there is no need to input an ip or port. Simply open Minecraft Bedrock Edition, select on the "featured servers" tab and locate the one with the Lifeboat logo. Hope to see you there!


Overall, this server gets a 9/10 rating for being consistent over these past few years and always showing care towards the player base. There could be a stronger anti-cheat system in this server. This was the very first server I ever played and brings back so many rich memories when I play it and I am super glad to see this server make an impact on the next generation of Minecraft players.