Minecraft Bedrock X-Ray Texture Pack

Minecraft Bedrock X-Ray Texture Pack

Minecraft survival can be a real struggle at times, especially when looking for ores underground. The process can be time consuming and require a significant amount of resources such as pickaxes, torches, etc. This shader provides a quick and easy solution for those looking to get ores easier in Minecraft Survival mode.


X-ray is a type of texture pack that allows Minecraft players to see through the ground and look for specific blocks. Typically, these blocks include valuable ores or structures that can be found underground. However, not every texture is invisible and entities are still visible with this x-ray on. We are able to choose whatever block to look for by going to the pack settings and selecting the ore of their choice. Be sure to restart your game every time you perform a modification to the pack settings in order to apply the new modifications. We are able to pick between ores such as:

- Diamonds

- Emeralds

- Gold

- Coal

- Iron

- Lapis

- Redstone

- Quartz

- Ancient Debris

- Chests

- Strongholds



Using this x-ray pack is completely allowed in single player Minecraft Bedrock worlds but it is not acceptable to use in any multiplayer Minecraft Bedrock game. Players who use this in servers or realms may get banned or face other consequences. Be sure to be responsible when using this x-ray texture pack.


X-ray is most commonly used in the overworld dimension where there are plenty of valuable ores for players to discover including diamonds, coal, iron, etc. Some of these ores are easier to obtain than others. X-ray helps with finding materials that are a struggle to obtain in the overworld. Thankfully, we are able to see trees and mobs that could be in our way even with this X-ray texture pack activated. 

Other than ores, this x-ray pack allows you to search for mineshafts, dungeons, strongholds, etc. Mine Shafts are indicated by the wood books and rail tracks placed. Dungeons are indicated by the mossy cobblestone that surrounds it. Strongholds are indicated by the end portal.


This is one of the rare x-ray packs that enables players to see through netherrack and look for valuable ores that can only be found in the nether. The two main ores people look for in the nether dimension is quartz and ancient debris. Quartz makes for an excellent and elegant building material. Ancient Debris are some of the rarest items that a player can come across. Four of these extremely rare ores will enable players to craft a single netherite ingot which can be combined with diamond tools in order to obtain netherite tools via a smithing table. Netherite was introduced in June 2020 as part of the Minecraft Nether Update. Currently netherite is the strongest and most durable material in Minecraft, which makes ancient debris extremely valuable.


Even in the end dimension we are able to make great use of this x-ray texture pack. We are able to search for end structures such as floating ships, end mobs, etc. The end dimension does not offer much in terms of ores but we are still able to obtain valuable resources in this dimension. The floating ships in this dimension hold a significant amount of loot such as armor, enchantment books, and even the rare end dimension elytra which enables players to glide. 


An extremely useful texture pack that can be used by those who may find survival mode a challenge.

DOWNLOAD: https://mcpedl.com/x-ray-texture-pack-d6b/