TNTgamerKing's skin pack

TNTgamerKing's skin pack
Image of the skin pack with my thumbnail

Hello and welcome there, i want to tell you that at the past week i have been working on a special skin pack and i decided to use my character on these skins' outfits ( yk just for fun :D ), so gentlemen i announce to you my official and first ever skin pack(TNTgameeKing's skin pack) 

Finally, it's out for the very first time ever!!

Please feel free to use it anywhere and at anytime, also make sure to stay tuned for every update weekly

How to download:

1. download the skin pack from the link below

2. delete .zip

3. Click "open with minecraft"

4. Enjoy the skin pack :)

Original TNT

Fancy TNT

TNT in Pajama


Axolotl TNT

Drip TNT