Aurora Anarchy Minecraft Bedrock SMP

Aurora Anarchy Minecraft Bedrock SMP

Minecraft realms are unique in that they allow players to play Minecraft to its fullest potential. Most Minecraft servers tend to disable the nether and the end but in realms, players are able to explore the nether, the end, and have all the new features in the Minecraft 1.18 Caves and Cliffs part 2 update. 

This is an anarchy realm where anyone can join and there are no rules for this realm. Part of the appeal of these kinds of realms is the adventure into the chaos, which can make for very entertaining gaming for some. Even though there are no official rules for the realm, be sure to not to bully anyone or cause any emotional damage to anyone. 


There is no official hub to this realm, but there is a platform where players do spawn in. This platform is indestructible which prevents players from ruining it. The platform is made out of durable blocks. Some things to note about the realm is that it is very densely populated. There are some people trying to PvP new players who join the realm and some who even give gift boxes to new players. The hub can be very chaotic but also extremely fun. The hub is a great place to meet new players and also interact with players who are more familiar with the realm.


Anarchy servers are not for everyone, and it's important to note what to look out for before joining a realm such as this. For starters, there may be some "trolls" who spawn-kill players and steal their loot. Certain players are also able to hack in items, duplicate, and even fly. Players may also use the in-game chat to harass players which is why we encourage you to mute the chat in case you are not comfortable with watching the chat. 

If you plan on building a base on the realm, we encourage you to travel far from spawn and build in a secretive place. It should be away from as many players as possible in order to prevent people from stealing your loot. Also, consider using the nether as a way to travel long distances. There is an extensive network of tunnels and paths in the nether that lead people to different locations on the realm.


Being an Anarchy realm has its own perks, such as being able to explore many lands and find buildings people built over the months. Some of these buildings can still have loot. Another cool feature of realms like these is the ability to form alliances with other players. Being alone in this realm can be a struggle and having other players to support you can be very beneficial.


This is an entirely free realm anyone on Minecraft Bedrock Edition is able to join. In order to join the realm, you can press the link down below and it will automatically open up Minecraft Bedrock. On the other hand, you enter this realm code into your game: wmySk58hKbk.

In order to use the code, go to the "friends" tab and then press on "add realm", then copy the realm code into the space and then you should be able to join the realm!