Cubecraft Server For Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Cubecraft Server For Minecraft Bedrock Edition

CubeCraft is one of the most successful featured Server in Minecraft Bedrock Edition and for good reason!

CubeCraft refers to a featured Server on Minecraft Bedrock Edition and Java Edition. It was released during the Better Together Update of Minecraft. The gamemodes in CubeCraft focus on mini-games. 



Many of these mini-games include interacting with other players via combat or team combat. All these game modes are polished and are of high quality. Each gamemode has unique menus, 3D models, animations, etc. There are little to no glitches or issues with this server. Many of these mini games allow you to play solo or with a duo, trio, and even a squad. This server comes with many in game purchases that can grant access to certain perks and features. You are able to get custom cosmetics, skins, pets, xp boosts, etc.

Bedrock Edition:
1. Parkour
2. Block Wars (CTF, Bridges)

3. Lucky Blocks (solo, squads)
4. Sky Wars (solo, duos, squads, mega, chaos)
5. Egg Wars (solo, duos, squads, mega)
6. Sky Block
7. Minerware
8. Survival Games (solo, duos)
9. Battle Arena (FFA, Duels)

Java Edition:
1. Among Slimes
2. Block Wars Bridges
3. Minerware
4. Egg Wars (solo, duos, squads, mega)
5. Sky Wars (solo, duos, squads, mega, chaos)
6. Parkour
7. Lucky Islands
8. Colony Control
9. Sky Block
10. PvP (FFA, Duels)
11. Tower Defense

These mini-games will give you everything you want in a server! If you want some PvP action, you can hop on Battle Arena, where you can duel or even fight in a free for all match. Or maybe you want to play some good old SkyBlock. They even have their very own Among Us mini-game called Among Slimes on the Java Edition platform! There are a lot of other game modes and mini-games that you can play on both the Bedrock Edition or Java Edition platforms.

Magic and mayhem is an RPG Adventure game and was one of the BIGGEST, if not THE BIGGEST game modes on Cubecraft. This game mode gives you a magnificent story where you have to save the world and stop it from being corrupted by an Evil Wizard. You also get to travel to different realms and dimensions and talk to many characters also fighting a lot of different enemies. This was the most successful game mode that Cubecraft has ever had, but sadly it was removed since they couldn't keep updating it and giving it more content for the players, but it doesn't mean it won't ever come back!


These ranks are made for those who make content on the internet and hope to get some recognition for their work. The content uploaded must be related to Minecraft Bedrock and Cube Craft in order to be considered for a rank. These ranks are a great goal for many upcoming creators and we look forward to seeing who succeeds.
Partner Rank:

Video Creators (YouTube)
- 5,000+ Subscribers
- 2,500+ views within 7-10 days of uploading

Short Creators (YouTube)
- 30,000+ Subscribers
- 25,000+ views within 10 days of uploading

Streamers (Twitch)
- 5,000+ Followers
- 500+ views on a past stream after 24 hours

TikTok Creators
- 40,000+ Followers
- 30,000+ views with 10 days of uploading

- North America (NA)
- Europe (EU)
- Asia (AS)


- Login to your microsoft account from the title screen of Minecraft Bedrock.

- Go under the "servers" tab .

- Select on the option that says Cube Craft.

Cube Craft is a featured server so there is no need to input an IP or a port in order to join the server.


This server has been around for years and has never failed to provide high quality game modes and options for Minecraft players all over the world. There are constantly new updates coming to the server and the server has over 250 custom maps! There is always something to do and content to make on the server. There are even seasonal updates on the server for all the major holidays of the year, such as Christmas, Halloween, etc. Make sure to follow the server to be the first to know of updates on the server. The future of the server is bright, and we hope to see more and more people join this amazing server.


This server gets an easy 10/10 rating for its custom models and focus on pvp gamemodes. PvP gamemodes are extremely fun and this server takes full advantage of the quick paced, action packed style that is pvp. This server is rapidly growing in popularity and for good reason!