Badlion Client For MCPE

Badlion Client For MCPE

You guys might know the famous PVP Client for java, Badlion. The Badlion client released in 2018 and started to become one of the greatest clients of all time. Badlion client introduces a bunch of new features to minecraft like Cosmetics, Mods and many others. With Badlion fame there must come the people who want to recreate the client for the other versions of Minecraft like MCPE, this "client" on mcpe might not look like one, it's very handy when it comes to features likes FPS counter, Keystrokes, Cosmetics like Badlion cape and Wings mod.


  • FPS Counter
  • Keystrokes
  • Cosmetics (Badlion Cape, Wings Mod)
  • Java UI

Here is a few examples:

On the corner of the UI we are able to see what version of the badlion client we are using. In this image we are on Badlion client version 3.1. This client is truly amazing and the UI (user interface) is clean and easier to use. 

Java UI:

We have quick settings such as changing the video settings, the controls, gamepad, resource pack, skin, music, sounds, etc. 


This client also comes with other cosmetics such as: capes, bandanas, etc. In order to change between each cosmetic make sure you go "Global Resources' ' and press the gear icon that should appear. From there, you will get a slider that allows you to pick between which cosmetic you would like to use. Once you select the cosmetic of your choice, restart your game and open it up. Then your new and updated cosmetics should be there. This process may be a hassle but it's a bug that is currently in the game where you have to restart the game in order to change the settings of any global resource. 

Badlion client for mobile shines when playing servers. Servers tend to cuase a significant amount of lag but thanks to this client, there is much less lag and the game performs significantly better. The badlion client makes many efforts to combat lag including:

- Removing particles

- More simple textures

- Smoother animations

- new player list screen

- Better ui

One major advantage of this client is the "quick settings" feature where users are able to quickly adjust their FOV, POV, etc. In some games, being able to change FOV is a game changer and can help you see other players from angles you otherwise would not be able to see. Having this amazing client also allows you to run the game smoother and have a better chance of winning your PvP matches.


This "client" is actually a texture pack and not an official client like in Minecraft Java Edition. This is a texture pack designed to look like the actual badlion client but does not modify the game in any way. Use this texture pack at your own risk.


1: Go to the button that says "download"

2: Wait 10 seconds in order to get access to the download

3: Download the pack

4: Use a secure file manager to open the file on Minecraft

To finalize, this "client" for bedrock is quite not unique as there have been past "clients" who have used the name Badlion for promoting such "clients" for bedrock. The features in the "client" are very awesome and could appeal to multiple people in the mcpe community. And if u want a tutorial on how to download the "client" we could thanks to FryBry for the video: