Minecraft Bedrock RealSource TRAILER RTX Pack

Minecraft Bedrock RealSource TRAILER RTX Pack


A new texture pack based on Minecraft trailers. Do you like the look of Minecraft trailers? If so, then this package is just for you !!! 16px Minecraft trailer look with lots of nice details.

Trailer pack is a texture pack created in one take.  I’ve had the idea for a long time, but i didn’t want to have another package in the works.  But on Sunday i got the urge to try it.  I made the first textures and i enjoyed it so much that i had to finish it.  I spent about 70 hours of work on this package in five days.  There are a few textures that are still missing and I made a lot of textures in a hurry and want to edit them in the future.  I didn’t want to wait to release it until i had it completely tuned.  I wanted to give it a one take look in the first release.



Download and install MCPACK. 
Activate it in SETTING/RESOURCE PACKS. Enjoy:)