Minecraft Bedrock Shaders For Render Dragon

Minecraft Bedrock Shaders For Render Dragon

In recent Minecraft Bedrock updates, the Render Dragon engine has made its way across all platforms of Minecraft Bedrock Edition and since then shaders have not been able to work. All previous shaders were no longer compatible and the shader expressed their sadness significantly. 

Render Dragon is the new graphics engine for Minecraft Bedrock platforms. Render Dragon was developed by the Mojang Studios graphics team to give our game greater performance, stability, and flexibility. The new architecture of Render Dragon enables our developers to bring new graphics features such as physically based rendering (PBR) and ray tracing to the game.

Luckily, people have quickly been able to find ways around this and get an experience as close to shaders as possible despite the new render dragon engine. This new shader is one of the first shaders that works on the render dragon engine. It is easy to use and apply. The shader comes in both mcpack and zip versions so it be downloaded and used on both Windows and mobile devices. 


This shader comes with amazing looking fog that can be seen in certain biomes such as the desert, jungle and even the sunset. The fog makes the shader look very unique. The fog is amazing and makes playing the game much more enjoyable.


This shader is not as detailed or bright as some of the other shaders but it still does enhance the game graphics. This shader works through editing the game files. Hopefully in the future we will see more detailed and amazing shaders. 



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DOWNLOAD: https://mcpedl.com/enhanced-fog-with-care/