Top 5 No Lag Shaders For MCPE 1.19! - Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Top 5 No Lag Shaders For MCPE 1.19! - Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Top 5 No Lag Shaders For MCPE 1.19! - Minecraft Bedrock Edition

#5 FCBE Shaders


FCPE shader is a vanilla texture pack that modifies minecraft textures for more saturated colors in minecraft to make it look more colorful and pleasing. also adds a new sky and water. giving the water a more beautiful and clear appearance. giving the night sky more attractive and the daytime sky a beautiful blue



New colorful vanilla textures.     

New water 

New eviroment color (saturated)


#4 BSFBE Shader


This is not quite a shader (Since version 1.18.3 in Minecraft Bedrock edition, shaders are no longer supported), but in any case, this texture pack transforms the graphics in the game well, you will definitely like it. This texture pack adds more beautiful fog, realistic sky, beautiful more transparent water, and waving grass, leaves, flowers and plants.

Waving plant textures have texture resolutions of 256x256 and 128x128, but no matter which version of this texture pack you install, you can disable waving plants in the texture pack settings.

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#3 Dark Shaders


Hey guy's what's going on? Today I present you a shader for Renderdragon which supports 1.19+ wild update and Support Android and the name of the Shader is Dark Shader Renderdragon. Well it's still in development in updates i will try to make shader more relastic i am sure  you're gonna enjoy this shader with new wild update.So now let me present you some picture of how the shader looks.

Realistic nether portal placeholder

Lava looks more realistic at daytime

Water Waves with Normals 

Beautiful fog

Waving dandelion


Beautiful sunset


Best thing is that it supports Render Dragon especially Wild Update.

In 1.2 added rainbow and realistic moon also

And more! You'll definitely enjoy it.


#2 Universal Shaders


The Universal Pack (Renderdragon support) is a resource package that focuses on beautifying our minecraft to have a better gaming experience, it works on any device and is 100% optimized you will not have any type of lag, I invite you to try this package you will not regret it.


- Day and night color

- Sunrise and sunset

- Cave and mist

- Clean waters


#1 Harmony Voxel Shaders


So hey guys! I'm going Today I'm going to share a new Shader which supports IOS, Android and Windows 10 edition too! And no worries if you have Render dragon edition it's especially made for Renderdragon only so the name of the Shader is Chill Voxel Shader for Bedrock Edition.   

Some Screenshots: