Invincible Add-on Minecraft

Since the Invincible Show is starting to finally get all the praise it deserved, in honor of their legacy I made this mod to showcase characters from the show. This mod adds heroes and villains like Invincible, Omni-Man, Atom Eve, Rexsplode, Allen the Alien, Dupli-Kate etc and weapons and abilities of the characters. A friendly reminder for the people who want to review my mod on YouTube. Please do not post any direct link and use the mcpedl link in your videos and make sure to credit me. For more details about the addon please visit my YouTube channel

Invincible Add-on Minecraft

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**Mark Grayson / Invincible**:

The main protagonist, Mark inherits superpowers from his father, Omni-Man, and strives to live up to his heroic legacy while navigating the complexities of teenage life.


**Nolan Grayson / Omni-Man(Evil)**:

Mark's father and the most powerful superhero on Earth. Initially seen as a beacon of hope, Nolan's true intentions are gradually revealed, causing turmoil for his family and the world.


**Samantha Eve Wilkins / Atom Eve**:

A fellow teenage superhero and Mark's close friend. With the ability to manipulate matter at the molecular level, she fights alongside Invincible while navigating her own personal struggles.


**Cecil Stedman**:

The head of the Global Defense Agency (GDA), Cecil recruits and coordinates Earth's superheroes to protect the planet from external threats, often employing morally questionable methods to achieve his goals.


**Rex Splode**:

A brash and arrogant superhero with explosive powers. Despite his abrasive personality, he is a valuable member of the superhero team, the Guardians of the Globe.



A member of the Guardians of the Globe with the ability to create duplicates of herself. She adds versatility to the team's lineup with her cloning abilities.


**Robot / Rudy Connors**:

A brilliant scientist who creates a robotic body to house his consciousness. He initially works with the Guardians of the Globe but later forms his own agenda, driven by a desire to transcend his artificial limitations.



A reformed supervillain turned reluctant hero. He grapples with his criminal past while striving to make amends and protect his community from external threats.


Sure, here are additional descriptions for those characters and their abilities, as well as some descriptions for weapons and abilities:


**Additional Characters:**


1. **Anissa**: 

A formidable Viltrumite warrior with superhuman strength and agility. She serves as a loyal enforcer for the Viltrumite Empire, carrying out missions with ruthless efficiency.



After a Gruesome battle with his Son, Nolan came to realisation of what he was doing. He left earth seeking to kill himself in a black hole until he found a planet with a lower lifespan and decide to help them and became their emperor and reform himself.


**The Mauler Twins**:

A pair of brilliant but eccentric scientists who specialize in genetic experimentation and cloning. They often work in tandem to further their nefarious schemes, utilizing their intellect and resources to challenge Earth's heroes.



A horde of reanimated corpses brought back to life through sinister experimentation. Controlled by the deranged scientist DA Sinclair, these undead minions serve as cannon fodder in his quest for power and domination.


**DA Sinclair**:

A mad scientist obsessed with unlocking the secrets of life and death. He conducts grotesque experiments, including reanimating the dead, in his pursuit of scientific knowledge and immortality.



A superhero with invulnerable skin, granting him immunity to physical harm. He uses his superhuman durability to protect innocent civilians and combat crime within his community.


**Monster Girl**:

A young superhero cursed with a transformational ability that causes her to revert to a monstrous form after each use of her powers. Despite the physical toll, she bravely fights alongside her teammates to defend Earth from threats.


**Shrinking Rae**:

A superhero with the ability to shrink to microscopic sizes, granting her increased agility and the ability to traverse tight spaces undetected. She uses her diminutive stature to outmaneuver opponents and gather intelligence.


**Black Samson**:

A former member of the Guardians of the Globe who loses his powers but later regains them through cybernetic enhancements. With his enhanced strength and durability, he continues to fight crime and protect the innocent.



**Agent Spider**:

A skilled covert operative with a mastery of espionage and hand-to-hand combat. He utilizes advanced technology and cunning tactics to gather intelligence and neutralize threats to global security.


One of the last surviving members of the original Guardians of the Globe. Immortal as his name suggest is quite "Immortal". He is one of the members who packs a punch of the viltrumites even though he is not one of them.

Allen the Alien:

Allen the Alien is one of the strongest members of his race. He is an experiment made to fight against the viltrumites. He grows stronger and stronger the more he is defeated.



**Weapons and Abilities:**


1. **Atom Eve's Projectile**:

Atom Eve can generate and manipulate energy at the molecular level, allowing her to create powerful energy blasts that she can project at her enemies with precision accuracy.


2. **Force Field Construct and Shield**:

Atom Eve can also generate force fields to protect herself and others from harm. These force fields can vary in size and strength, providing a versatile defense against physical and energy-based attacks.


3. **Viltrumite's Sonic Punch**:

Viltrumites possess superhuman strength and durability, allowing them to deliver devastating blows capable of shattering concrete and pulverizing opponents with ease.


4. **Cylinder Projectiles of Rexsplode**:

Rex Splode can create and detonate explosive projectiles in the shape of small cylinders. These projectiles can be launched with great precision and explode upon impact, causing widespread damage to his enemies.


5. **Dupli-Kate's Duplication Ability**:

Dupli-Kate can create perfect duplicates of herself, allowing her to overwhelm opponents with sheer numbers and coordinate complex maneuvers. Each duplicate possesses the same abilities and skills as the original, making her a formidable force in battle.


6. **Robot's Missile**:

Robot, equipped with advanced technology, can deploy missiles with pinpoint accuracy. These projectiles pack a powerful punch and can be used to incapacitate or neutralize threats from a distance.


Invincible Armors:

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Other Armors:

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