Aesthetic Addon For MCPE 1.19! - Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Aesthetic Addon For MCPE 1.19! - Minecraft Bedrock Edition


Hello guys in Gooblicraft,Some of you may recognize me from YouTube...Today's,I upload a new pack which adds more unique furnitures and decorations with up to 110+ models to your Minecraft world❤️This pack is good alongside with Mizuno but it also fit in vanilla minecraft,so don't worry...????

There is a tons of furnitures to decorate your Minecraft world...

You will love this pack I promise...

With upto 110+ stuffs you can decorate out your Minecraft world...

This pack will not be done without the permission of other creators...

Credits To:

✔︎Hananaling (Hananacraft and Heritage Cit)

✔︎Pinkgummibaerchen (Garden Breeze and Granny's Corner cit creator)

✔︎Coco (Yuushya Pack Creator)

✔︎AltHenry (Henry's Pots And Plants)

✔︎Kao (Vanilla Archieve)


HananaLing/Hanathebanana (She's So Kind And Artistic (and also pretty????)


Pinkgummibearchen (So creative when it goes to art just like HananaLing????)



Also creative when it comes at nature theme...



The creator of yuushya townscape,foliage,cit and texture pack in java edition (soon to be in bedrock edition)

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You can check my pack in my Youtube Channel (Gooblicraft)...


Turn on Experimental Features❤️

✔︎Additional Modding Capabilities

✔︎Upcoming Creator Features

✔︎Vanilla Experiments