Top 10 Addons For MCPE 1.19! - Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Top 10 Addons For MCPE 1.19! - Minecraft Bedrock Edition

These are 10 amazing addons for the new MCPE 1.19 update. Downloads and credits can be found below!

10. Tornado Addon


Have you ever wanted Tornadoes inside of Minecraft Bedrock Edition? Well, now you can! Hi, I'm Jeremiah and I introduce to you the Minecraft Tornado Addon. This add-on has been my dream project. However, back then I didn't know how to do everything I can now. This addon has really been a learning curve and has taught me a lot about what I can do as a creator. So I hope you all enjoy this add-on, especially all you die-hard Minecraft weather fans.

-Travels 0.3 blocks every 0.1 seconds

-Picks up blocks from the ground

-Creates a dirt path on the ground

-destroys whatever is in front of it

-can pick up players, and multiple other entities


#9 Dynamic Lighting


Do you want to experience dynamic lighting like using optifine in java? This add-on adds just that experience into minecraft bedrock! This addon's lighting is not as smooth as optifine but it does the job.

You can use different items that gives off light to light your surroundings by just holding it in your hands. The dynamic light has a fix light level of 8.

You can now explore dark caves easier if you don't have enough torches to place.


#8 Transport Addon


A to B baby! For all your transporting requirements we have here bulldozers, two dirtbikes, hot air balloons, blimps, bicycles, three types of planes, a chopper, an air ship to transport them all, flying broomsticks and ... horse and cart! You know, the usual things. And, don't forget the Death Trap; build one for your friends today.

Where to start

The Air Ship (transports anything*):



#7 Mystic Weapons Addon


Mystic Weapon is a powerful magical weapon which have their own special abilities. There are 3 kinds of Mystic Weapon and an Armor each weapon and armor have element type and its power is according to that element.

Element Stones

Elements stones are unique items that use for crafting different Mystic Weapon. Elements Stones are very unique and expensive, you can have a chance to buy them in wandering trader or have chance to get them in some specific loot such as unique chest loot like burried treasure, chest in some village or by some entity's drop loot.

The color of element stones

  • Earth - Brown-orange
  • Fire - Red
  • Water - Blue
  • Ice - Cyan
  • Wind - Green
  • Lightning - Purple
  • Light - White
  • Dark - Black

There are 8 different types of element stone: earth, fire, water, ice, wind, lightning, light & dark. Each type of stone can break into 4 different shards using crafting table, just like below

​You can use each element stone and element stone shard to craft different Mystic Weapons and Armors. There are 3 different kinds of mystic weapons which are staff, swords & battleaxes. For each weapons and armors there are 6 different variations, one element for each kind.


#6 Xray Addon

X-Ray Is Functional Texture Pack To See Through Block To See Ores. X-Ray Already Support 1.18.30+ And 1.19+.


  • Don't Use This Texture Pack In Server (Or You Will Get Banned).
  • Required Turn OFF Smooth Lightning .
  • Tested In Mobile Device And Windows 10.
  • You Can Modify Packs But Don't Claim This As Your Pack.


#5 Gooblicraft Addon


Hello guys in Gooblicraft,Some of you may recognize me from YouTube...Today's,I upload a new pack which adds more unique furnitures and decorations with up to 110+ models to your Minecraft world❤️This pack is good alongside with Mizuno but it also fit in vanilla minecraft,so don't worry...????

There is a tons of furnitures to decorate your Minecraft world...

You will love this pack I promise...

With upto 110+ stuffs you can decorate out your Minecraft world...


#4 Natural Structures Addon


Natural Structures has been remade! This addon adds tiny touches to your world such as sticks and bushes which just adds to the ambiance of the world. You can find these items all over the world on the floor and make it easy to find certain items. The difference from the original is that this works in 1.19 (and hopefully above) and I've fleshed out each block. It will be updated for each biome!V1 - General Biome items If you would like to see any specific items (that is nature-related) please comment below! 

Follow me on Twitter, where I better respond to comments! 

General Blocks - V1

Landscape Photos


#3 Zombie Apocalypse


Different types of Zombies have taken over the Minecraft World, Each type will have it's own characteristics, it may be speed, strength or something else,
Whatever the case if you see a Zombie... Run.
Some people are survivors like you and you will find them wondering around getting attacked or attacking Zombies.
NPC's will automatically attack Zombies just as Zombies will automatically attack NPC'. If a NPC dies from a Zombie attack they will become Zombies themselves.


#2 Realistic Physics Addon


This addon turns a large amount of the Minecraft items into 3D when placed on the ground. Each block has its own unique animation and thats what makes this addon so great. There are many bright features and extensive ways to explore this addon. This addon can be used to decorate worlds and make things look way better. This addon will work across all versions of Minecraft Bedrock Edition!

Included items: ALL ITEMS including addons



#1 RL Craft

Included Addons

  • Android Infusion

  • Baubles

  • Block Armor

  • Blood Magic

  • Boss Towers

  • bum_Bloodmoon

  • Calamity

  • Chickens

  • Christmas Presents

  • Create

  • Custom Enchantments

  • Overenchantments

  • Element Exchange

  • Expansive Ender

  • Extreme Crafting

  • Heart Containers

  • Hog's Weapons

  • Inventory Pets

  • Item Exchange

  • Magical Spells 2

  • Mob Scaling

  • More Structures

  • MoreTNT

  • Musical Weapons

  • Nether Expansion (mr mastery)

  • Nether Expansion

  • Ore Seeds

  • Ore Trees

  • More Gear

  • Project V

  • Questbook

  • Realism

  • Sword Rarities

  • Tartarean Mobs

  • Vatonage Furniture

  • Vatonage Magic

  • Weapon Cases

  • Wikibook