Legends of Japan Addon Minecraft

Japan Addon Minecraft with Samurai, Ninjas, Onis, kitsune etc also adds samurai armor set etc

Legends of Japan Addon Minecraft

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Samurais are the soldiers of Japan who are brave and strong they fight any evil with their armor and swords.


Ninjas are vigilante like people who fight crimes in the dark. They use multiple weapons which also includes smoke pallets.


Monks are martial artists who practice peaceful fighting in their temple but when someone tries to attack them they don't spare them.


Senseis are the masters of martial art and teach monks Kung Fu.


Samurai Armor:

Ninja Armor:

Okami Mask:

Oni Armor:

More things:
There are some more features in this Addon.
Oni Ore:

These ores can be found in the nether at about 0 to 46 coordinates. It drops raw oni Stone which can be smelted into oni ingots to craft oni armors.

There are also some secrets which can be found while exploring the world.