Mortal Kombat Mod Minecraft

About the Add-on:Are you a fan of Mortal Kombat then this addon is for you as it brings you some of the items and fighters from the Mortal Kombat universe. From epic Kombat to stunning characters. Each character belongs to different class which includes Shirai Ryu, Lin Kuei, Outworld, Black Dragon and Spec-ops. I added only some of the characters from the game so I could add some afterwards. Hope you guys enjoy my add-on. Please make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for further updates and bug fixes.

Mortal Kombat Mod Minecraft

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Each weapons give different effects and abilities.For equipping each one of them you can check them in creative . Each weapon belongs to a fighter and can be used by them

Blood Sythe:

Gives you strength and protection effect. Used by Scarlet. 

Blade of Hanzo: 

Gives you a lot of effects and you are fire resistant.

Noob Saibot Sickle:

Gives you similar effects like Hanzo's Blade and is used while wearing Noob Saibot's Armor.

Frost Axe:

Gives you haste, strength and fire resistance

Frost Sword:

Same like the Frost Axe but gives more damage.

Milleena's Sai:

Only gives Jump boost but is good for Kombat.

Hook Sword:

Gives you speed and the ability to jump more high.

Rain's Katar:

Rain's Katar helps you breath underwater and gives conduit power 

Kitana blade fan:

This blade will hurt you even though it does not give you any effect.


The katana is also strong and gives you a lot of strength.

Wrath Hammer:

It doesn't give any effect to you but is very strong and big.

I added many armors and fighters with unique purpose. Each Armor gives you different effect according to the character's powers.


Scorpion Armor:  

Has similar effects like his blade of Hanzo.

Sub-Zero Armor:

You are resistant to fire after wearing this.

Johnny Cage Armor:

Gives you speed for mining blocks fast and nice jump boost.

Reptile Armor:

Gives you ability to jump high and night vision.

Ermac Armor:

Gives you conduit power.

Kabal Armor:

Gives you super speed.

Noob Saibot Armor:

Gives you regeneration and extra health then other armors.

Smoke Armor:

Gives you regeneration and night vision.

Rain Armor:

Gives you water breathing power and conduit power.

Sonya Blade Armor:

Gives you similar effects like her husband Johnny Cage.

Kitana Armor:

Gives you haste, strength, jump boost and protection.

Liu Kang Armor:

Gives you extra speed.

Special ranged weapons:


Can shoot at a good amount of range.

Hellfire: when shot it blasts and can fire the opponent.

Dragon Flame: it can explode at a very big range and causes fire.

Raiden's Staff:

Explodes to a lightning and does cause fire.

Reptile's Acid:

When shot it causes the opponent poison.

Inferno Spear:

Causes fire to the opponent when shot.

Erron Black's Pistol:

Shoots at a good range and gives you the feel of the wild west.


Scorpion: He is very strong and gives a lot of damage. (Also has two Varients being Hanzo Hasashi and the new one Kuai Liang)



Sub-Zero and his brother bi han both being cryomancers and one being a complete noob.....That was bad....


This thunder god also gives extreme damage(Two Varients one being thunder God and one being the new human Raiden)


Reptile give you poison effect.


Ermac can fly and make you levitate in the air and make you hit the ground hard.

Johnny Cage:

Hollywood stars don't do all the action by themselves but this man does and very brutally.

Sonya Blade:

Sonya Blade also gives nice amount and helps to kill the evil.



Cassie Cage:

Daughter of Johnny and Sonya so like father and mother like daughter.

Jax Briggs:


This arm of steel strong head is a smashing king of heads.


This blind swordsman is very strong and can slice you into pieces if you are bad.


He is Prince of Edenia and make you drown in water.



Where there is fire there is smoke. He is strong and is like a smoke.


Her blade can slice people in pieces.


Born from blood she can control blood so be careful or you will have low blood pressure.


Lady with super scary face and big teeth. She also gives nice damage.


Quan Chi:

This sorcerer is not good so male sure you kill him.


This loud girl will scream and break your eardrums.


Shao Kahn:

The konqruer of realms and papa of kitana and milleena. This man will smash your face.



 Speedsters are everywhere but this man is very strong and and a mercenary.

Erron Black:


This nomad settled in Outworld and works for money. He has pistols so be careful.


Noob Saibot:

The first Sub Zero who was killed by scorpion because he thought he was the killer of his wife but it was Quan Chi. Now he is back as a death shadow.



Friend of Kitana and a great mistress of bojustu.


This mercenary has cyber eye and cyber heart and only supports evil.

Liu Kang:

The former champion of earthrealm and a great fighter now holds the title of the fire god and the new keeper of time who restarts time itself to shape it into a better future . He has fire powers so the enemies have no chance.


New mobs:

Triborgs are human beings who are enhanced in strength and brain and evil minded.
Sektor, Cyrax and Cyber Smoke

Revenants are undead versions of the protectors of Earthrealm.



Tremor is an earth bender and works for the Black dragon clan.

Kronika is a titan of time and is the mother of  Shinnok and Cetrion. She wants to rewrite the destinies and wants to conqruer the universe.

Shinnok is the god of death and was banished by the elder gods for his bad deeds. He then came back to take his godhood back.

Cetrion is a goddess and the daughter of Kronika. She is always loyal to her titan mother no matter what.

Geras is the creation of Kronika and loyal to her. He is the one who never dies. Now an ally to Liu Kang.

Havik is another Outworld conqruer. He is a man who knows a bit of magic.

Reiko is the General of Outworld and works for Shao Kahn. He wields a hammer and is strong.

The queen of the swarm, D'vorah is a deadly assassian. She has tentacles and also a great killer.

Baraka is the commander of Shao Kahn and Leader of the tarkadan tribe. He has spikes which come out of his hand and is a flesh eater.

Shang Tsung:
Shang Tsung is a sorcerer supreme who knows a lot of magic. Even though he works for Shao Kahn he betrays him sometime.

Bo'rai'cho is an drunken master who is one of the best martial artist. He even trained Lui Kang and Kung Lao.

Kung Lao:
Kung Lao is a hat wielding monk who is an extremely skilled fighter. He is also the best friend of Lui Kang.

Kotal Kahn:
After Shao Kahn's death, Kotal Kahn became the new ruler of Outworld. He also is a good leader and protects his people.

Motaro is a half horse half human creature. He is a evil monster of Outworld and is pretty fast.

Tanya is a pyromancer and an Allie of Milleena. She wants to kill Jade.

Fujin is the god of wind and is the brother of Raiden. He is also the new protector of Earthrealm.

Nightwolf is a magic shaman in Mortal Kombat. He is strong and has the power of spirits of animals.


New weapons:

Spirit Tomahawk:
It is a thunder summoning weapon of nightwolf.

Shinnok's Amulet:
It is the Amulet of the god of death and is one of the strongest weapons in Mortal Kombat. It shoots out projectiles from netherrealm.

New Armors:
Nightwolf Armor:

Fire God Lui Kang Armor:

Kung Lao armor:

Shang Tsung Armor:

Klassic Scorpion Armor:

Klassic Noob Saibot armor:

More classic armors:

More MK 1 and MK11  inspired Armors:

More special edition armor:

New Mobs:



MK 1 Varients 

And Many More like Sareena, Li Mei,and others.

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