Top 5 Addons For MCPE 2023! - Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Top 5 Addons For MCPE 2023! - Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Top 5 Addons For MCPE 2023! - Minecraft Bedrock Edition

#5 Pick Up and Carry Addon

⭐ To start carrying, you don't need to enter any commands or use a special item!

⭐ When you carry a mob or player, you see your hands from the 1st person!

⭐ If you fall from a height of more than 3 blocks while carrying, the mob or player will fall out of your hands!

⭐ You can only carry if both your hands are free of items!

⭐ If you go underwater while carrying, the mob or player will fall out of your hands!

⭐ Supports multiplayer with carrying players and unlimited online players!

⭐ Fully customizable! You can disable 1st person hands rendering, enable the slowness effect when carrying, and quickly turn the addon on/off!

⭐ Doesn't break any vanilla animations! (using spyglass, holding map, charging crossbow, etc.)

⭐ Thoroughly tested for bugs, any bugs are excluded with 95% probability!


#4 More Structures Addon


Tired of vanilla structures in Minecraft and you want a different one in your Minecraft? means you are in the right addon, this addon is called MCPE Structure Addon, this addon adds more than 20 new structures to Minecraft that you can search and find in overworld if you are interested in this addon please click the download button and try this addon now and don't forget to give 5 stars if you think this addon is good

Here are some screenshots of structures that you can find and find in the overworld along with the names of the structures and the biomes where they appear

Structure Name:Castil House

Spawn In:Taiga,Plains, savanna



#3 Mc Ark Addon


his dinosaur add-on based on the video game "ark" adds a large number of creatures with unique, fun mechanics, well-worked and polished designs and addition to well-structured taming, combat, hunting, gathering systems. Join our discord to contribute ideas, participate in future Betas and help the project. follow us on our social networks to stay up to date with updates, dates and much more. Official Discord Official YouTube Official Twitter GatoRuso Official Twitter Alexvr587 

The creatures of mc ark were created with a lot of love, care and in a way that the mod is fun to play with in a serious way, with friends or alone <3.

Next we will comment on the characteristics of the creatures of this complement, their abilities and other characteristics.


A simple, juicy and nutritious fish.


Loot: cod raw 

Spawn: ocean and river


#2 Nico's Cave Addon


Discover more features underground. Nico's Cave Expansion is an add-on will expand your underground exploration by adding a new variety of caves. This add-on will also add new mobs, blocks, plants, foods, and equipment.


Mosshroom Cave

  • Mosshroom Cave currently generates under the Swamp & Mangrove Swamp biome.

Mushroom Cave

  • Mushroom Cave currently generates under the Mushroom Island & Dark Oak Forest biome.


#1 Arctic Addon


This addon adds new items, armors, and animals from cold and frozen habitat to the Minecraft world, there are more animals one of which is a monster that you can find in any cold and frozen biomes such as ice plains, taiga, frozen ocean, and others in Minecraft.


Penguins can be found on cold beaches, frozen rivers and frozen oceans.

Killer whales are their predators, penguins will avoid them when in the water.

Health: 10


Can be tamed

Tame, feed & heal Items:

  • Cod
  • Salmon
  • Tropical fish