Realistic Graphics For MCPE 1 19! (AAK 1024k) - Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Realistic Graphics For MCPE 1 19! (AAK 1024k) - Minecraft Bedrock Edition


AAK 1024x HD pe  is an v3 realistic texture pack for Minecraft pocket edition which is  HD and looks like rtx and java edition texture packs. It is a very good and one of the best texture packs for mcpe without any lag.

This is a texture pack which is ultra realistic and this texture pack is better than other texture packs.

It contains block resolutions of 128x, 256x, 512x and 1024x altogether. It also contains ultra realistic mobs which are so good and this texture pack works without any lag on 3gb ram mobile and above.

It contains all the blocks and it supports versions 1.17+. Now 1.18+ is also supported. I took nearly 4 months to make this texture pack. It is very good. The sun☀️, the clouds☁️ and the moon???? are also realistic. You can use any shader with it. It looks like you are playing in real world when you use shaders with this texture pack.
Do share it with your friends of you look like this texture pack and support me. You can even use this texture pack in your survival world.
Have a look at some in-game screenshots:









This texture pack is created by Arham Ahmed Khan i.e DangerVirat1767 that is me. I myself is posting this pack to mcpedl. 

And I also has a YouTube channel.

ANd here is the direct link to download v1.9:
Consider sharing this texture pack and do tell me if there are any bugs or missing textures!! Do tell me in the comments how do you like this texture pack


Look how the rain looks 

Have a look at the nether portal.