Top 5 FPS BOOST Clients For Minecraft Bedrock Edition 2023!

Top 5 FPS BOOST Clients For Minecraft Bedrock Edition 2023!

Top 5 FPS BOOST Clients For Minecraft Bedrock Edition 2023!

0:02 #5 BE Client


0:35 #4 GOTE Client


Are you being tired that the Vanilla features? Huh, okay, no worries.

The Gote-Supporter will add various features that'll help you a lot!

《How to Use?》

After importing the Resource Pack into Minecraft, apply it in 'Settings -> Global Resources'.

You needn't put the Resource Pack on the top, but if you see any problems doing that, put it on at the top.

《v1.4.7 Update》

New Features/Changes:

  • The experience bar and level are no longer displayed in Creative. Our apologies.
  • Added icons to buttons on the pack information screen.
  • Added "About Creator" and "License" to the pack information screen.
  • Some text on the pack information screen is now displayed in classic font in Windows Japanese.
  • Fixed a problem in which Gote-Supporter Config settings were lost when Gote-Supporter was applied to a world.

Better HUD Screen

  • A clock and a compass always.
  • Colour-coded coordinates.
  • F1 and F8 are also available for mobile devices.
  • Disable the vignette.
  • Disable pumpkin blur.
  • Disabled the Spyglass overlay.(You can enable overlay on the Pack Settings.)


1:11 #3 ZYXN Client


1:53 #2 Latite Client


Step 1: Join the discord server here:

Step 2: Look under the "downloads" channel on the discord server and download the "Latite Injector" 

Step 3: Load the Latite Injector and begin playing!

Step 4: Whenever your in a world, press the insert button on your keyboard, the button is usually located here:


- Armor HUD

- BehindYou (Snaplook)

- Bow Indicator

- CPS Counter

- FPS Display

- Freelook

- Item Tweaks

- Position Display (displays your coords)

- Keystrokes

- Server Display

- Toggle Sprint

- Zoom


This is an extremely innovative client and for that reason it gets a 9/10!


2:32 #1 Luconia Client

This is a fantastic client that honestly blew my mind. It has a special mod menu where users are able to toggle on certain features such as keystrokes, cps counter, fps counter, displays and even a zoom in feature similar to optifine on Minecraft Java Edition. From using this client I had no issues and could not reccomend it more. This client gets a 8/10 rating!


- Fps Counter
- Keystrokes
- Cps Counter
- Reach Display
- Ip Display
- Zoom
- Time Display
- Coordinates

Luconia dll/injector client Beta

ONLY WORKS FOR 1.19.51!!!


JOIN THE LUCONIA CLIENT DISCORD SERVER AND LOOK UNDER THE "downloads" channel where multipe tutorials will be provided along with all the upcoming news of this client. Join the discord server here:

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