5 Best FPS Boost Clients For MCPE 1.19! - Minecraft Bedrock Edition

5 Best FPS Boost Clients For MCPE 1.19! - Minecraft Bedrock Edition

5 Best FPS Boost Clients For MCPE 1.19! - Minecraft Bedrock Edition

These are amazing clients for MCPE that will help with game performace. Clients keep on getting better and better with new menus, cosmetics, and much more! All credits can be found in the downloads!

#5 Asa Better Client


Are you bored because what Minecraft Bedrock can do is so little and boring? Do you want your game to be better? That's right, but that won't be the case anymore, I present you a great Resource pack. This pack can help you have a better experience when playing, by changing the UI. Special: this resource pack has an anime theme. Details are in the description below.

New Start Screen

Start screen now looks more like Java version

When you click on Section Panel, it will open an extra options panel for you

New Setting UI

There will be a quick setting panel for you to set up, the buttons will have the words ON/OFF for you to recognize

In the Hotbar, there will be more Offhand Slot, Mainhand Slot and Item Durability Percent (Thanks Chainsketch for the inspiration)

There's an extra Mod Menu (Open by opening pause screen) that will help you to set up your HUD

DOWNLOAD: https://mcpedl.com/asabetter/

#4 Steal Client

Steal Client just got a new update and is better than ever. With many cosmetics and unique features, this client goes above and beyond in terms of new things.


- Clock

- Compass

- New chat settings

- New animations

- Cosmetics (wings, cape)

- New user interface



#3 Particle Disabler Client


This resource pack was designed to increase FPS and get rid of any and all particles when applied. Additionally, there is a secondary option for max FPS to disable particles and flipbook textures. The main difference between this pack and other particle disablers is that this one actually disables the emitter properties of each particle as opposed to making the particle textures transparent. In other packs that use the transparent texture technique, the particles appear disabled, but are still emitted (which does not reduce lag whatsoever). As previously stated, this pack disables their appearance AND reduces lag

Potion effects do not emit particles around the player.

Nether portals do not emit purple particles.

There are no lava smoke or popping particles.

DOWNLOAD: https://mcpedl.com/particle-disabler-fps-boost/

#2 Fortress Client

The fortress client V9 is an amazing client with a countless amount of features 






DOWNLOAD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdjLvLrRFKQ&t=0s

#1 Saturn Client


Saturn Client Pack is an updated pack from Evoker BR Client This pack does not increase FPS this pack to add convenient and interesting features This package still has many limitations I will try to make it better in the next versions 

In this version many features are added and some features remain the same 

Some pictures 

Start Screen ( Will be updated in the next versions )

Settings Screen

Information Screen

Keystrokes + Armor Hud ( Some bugs still exist )

Better Inventory

Cape ( Update From Evoker BR Client v2 )

Cps tag

DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/zfzcjj1q7odsjd1/Saturn_Client_Pack_v1_rp.zip/file