Top 5 Shaders For Minecraft Bedrock 1.19+ - Andriod, IOS, Windows, Xbox

Top 5 Shaders For Minecraft Bedrock 1.19+ - Andriod, IOS, Windows, Xbox

0:03 #5 Oceananic Shaders


Oceanic Shader is a shader that enhances Minecraft's original graphics by adding the realism and aesthetics atmosphere. This shader was created & targeted for potato device users so that it can be widely used by the community from low devices to even high end devices!

Oceanic Shader is a shaders that offers fresh and cold world coloring and adds realistic features with Minecraft vanilla references!

After you try this shader, I guaranteed that your eyes will be spoiled by the of the atmosphere and fog color. And you may make this Oceanic Shader as Minecraft's default shader!

By adding realistic features, your previously dull and ordinary world can now be even more enhanced and looks more atmospheric!

Don't worry, this shader is not an FPS-eating type like other shaders! This shader has been proven (by my low-end device) to be very FPS friendly so it doesn't interfere with your agility in fighting monsters & parkouring!


Some Screenshots :)




0:35 #4 Ale Shaders


Ale pack is a resource pack based on the ale shader with the purpose of making our Minecraft more beautiful, if you want to take a look at it and I assure you that you will not regret it, it is also compatible with all devices.


- Day and night color

- Sunrise and sunset

- Cave and mist

- Water texturing

- Rain effect


1:12 #3 Yummy Sheep Shaders


A shader (Bedrock) made by a team of Minecraft bedrock lovers. We hope the mod gives you a better experience while you are playing Minecraft. Using this shader, everything will look more realistic. The Shader changed water, sky, seawater, plants and so on. We will have a detailed explanation below.



This shader has modified: 

  • More realistic and fluid water.
  • Non-square clouds, sun and moon.
  • Sparkling ores (coal, iron, gold, diamonds, bronze and other stones).
  • More realistic plants (flowers and grass swaying from side to side, with rustling sound effects).


1:51 #2 Console Shaders


What Is R-Drag Shaders?R-Drag Shaders are "shaders" for the render dragon graphics engine which that try to emulate real shaders since shader support for console was removed in 1.12 and in 1.16 for PC. The pack uses technique's to approximate shaders as best as possible within the limitations of the engine. This includes realistic clouds and sky textures, realistic sun & moon, swaying foliage, & better water. Set brightness between 10-35% for best visuals


Waving Leaves Demostration

Water Animation


There is subpacks with different realistic skies you can select & download the "Vanilla Grass Blocks" version if you do not like the new grass block textures. Be sure to put this above all other texture packs


2:26 #1 Fancy Shaders


his is where the shader you are looking for. light, small, simple? and doesn't take up much space. Fancy Shader 1.8 where this shader is very SIMPLE for you to use in Minecraft PE of course. and there is also an animation of waving plants!!!

Fancy Shader 1.8 is also equipped with very clear water so you will be easy to fish, hunt drowned and all the trees / plants are all waving like blowing in the wind.

Sometimes many people are looking for shaders that match their expectations, but it's hard to get them. hopefully with Fancy Shader 1.8 this can help lighten up and make your Minecraft PE more SIMPLE, fancy, and cool.