Block Clutch Practice Map For MCPE 1.18 (New Controls)

Block Clutch Practice Map For MCPE 1.18 (New Controls)

The recent Minecraft beta just introduced an entirely new system of player touch controls and these features make skills such as block extending significantly more easier and effective. Block extensions is a type of skill that prevents players from falling into the void or a cliff but placing blocks under you before you fall. Block extensions are mostly commonly performed in multiplayer servers and minigames such as skywars, treasure wars, etc. Knowing how to block extend can provide a major competitive advantage when playing these multiplayer games.

While block clutching may appear daunting at first, it is a skill that can be learned by anyone. Thankfully, this map provides amazing practice for block extending. This map provides a platform where players spawn on and are given 64 blocks. There will be a button towards that front that activates the pushing mechanism that knocks players back. As they are being pushed away, players will have an opportunity to perform a block extension to save them from their fall. This platform can be reset to remove all the placed blocks. What makes this map special is that you are given unlimited tries to block extend and you are able to learn at your own pace. 


The only way to get the new mcpe touch controls currently is through updating to the Minecraft beta or preview. Joining the beta on android is extremely simple. Start by going to the Google play store and then search up "Minecraft." Once you are on the Minecraft Google Playstore page, scroll down to the "join beta" button. Then wait around 5 to 20 minutes for the beta to be accessible to you. Once you are ready to join the beta make sure to press on the "update" button and once it's done you can open up Minecraft and you should be on the beta! Keep in mind the beta is intended to test features coming in future Minecraft updates so there may be a few bugs here and there. Unfortunately, IOS devices are not able to update to the Minecraft beta. 


This map was created by the well known Minecraft PvP YouTuber Pada IOS who specializes in creating PvP content around Minecraft. From tutorials, hand-cams and even challenge videos, Pada IOS is an excellent source to learn pvp tricks and more. Pada IOS is extremely skilled in block extending but he created this map so anyone could learn despite what device they are on or how familiar they are with Minecraft. Be sure to check out his YouTube channel to support this amazing Minecraft Bedrock YouTuber


To start learning how to block extend, be sure to have sufficient blocks. Start off by looking downwards and hold on the jump and auto placing block button at the same time. As you get pushed back, you should be able to save yourself before you fall into the void. The YouTuber FryBry has recently made a video that goes through this process in more detail.


Overall this is an amazing Minecraft map that can help those better their PvP skills. It is a clean and intuitive map that is well built and offers many features. For these reasons, this map gets a 10/10 rating and we are ready to see what future updates this map has in store!