TG Client For MCPE 1.18

TG Client For MCPE 1.18

TG client is MCPE client intended to help those on lower end devices run Minecraft Bedrock Edition faster. This client was back in November 2021 and has since made a significant impact in the Minecraft Bedrock Edition client space. This is one of the most simple and easy to use clients for MCPE with a significant amount of customization options. This client takes up an astronomically low amount of storage and only requires 4 megabytes to run which is convenient for users who don't have a ton of storage on their device.


This client has a solid gray screen background with a minimalist design and the TG client logo in the center of the screen. The "play" button and "settings'' are located right below the logo and have a neon blue outline to them to add flavor to the background. On the up right of the screen we are able to view our username and another miniature version of the TG client logo. Since the home screen is rather simple, it won't cause any lag or slow down the game for those on lower end devices. It is a stylish yet clever way of improving game performance.


This client is packed with features changing multiple elements of the game in a form that is more enjoyable. Some "must know" features of this client include:

- Built in night vision

- Built in player compass

- Shorter swords

- Full grass

- Custom "TG Client" themed user interface

- Full grass

- Bow indicator

- RGB experience particles


This client will save you a significant amount of resources and time thanks to its default night vision. This client won't leave any visible particles that could get in the way while you are playing. Torches will no longer be a necessity but be aware of mobs that thrive in darker areas.


On the bottom right side of this client we are able to view a compass that points towards the world spawn. You longer have to construct maps or leave a trail of cobblestone thanks to this innovative feature. The compass icon is identical to the vanilla Minecraft compass but it is made to be significantly larger.


This client changes the settings user interface to match the gray and red theme of this client. Each option in the settings has a red outline to it. There is even a new section labeled "quick settings" where users are able to change their perspective, FOV and even if they want to hide their hand/ui. This a relatively common feature in Minecraft clients but still makes this client much better.


There are countless minor features in this client that tend to go unnoticed such as this brilliant particle effect. Whenever splashing bottles of enchantments on the ground, RGB particles will be emitted instead of the vanilla green and yellow particles. This is a minor but neat feature.


The creator of this client, TirupGamerYT created this client with mobile players in mind and as a result implemented features that would improve game performance and reduce lag on lower end devices. For starters, this client makes the in-game textures much simpler such as the grass, glass, wool, etc. This also completely removes potion particles and tnt explosions to the game since those animations can slow down devices and cause lag. This client also removes lots of unnecessary animations such as the opening chest animation to boost fps. FPS stands for "frames per second" and is an indicator for how fast or smooth a game is running. Typically, players want to achieve the highest FPS possible so they will be able to play the game faster and could provide a competitive advantage. This client even has shorter swords that increase a player's field of view.


TirupGamerYT is an upcoming client developer who has made some of the biggest clients in the Minecraft Bedrock Edition space. He is the one who created the FryBry 200k client and recently acquired the Fortress client. TirupGamerYT is truly passionate about his craft and strives to encourage others to make clients of their own! He has recently created a discord server where client developers can share ideas, leave suggestions for each, etc. TirupGamerYT hopes to continue making MCPE a better place for client developers and people who are new to the game. Be sure to support TirupGamerYT via his YouTube channel that can be found here.


After using this client for the past 4 months to play survival mode and multiplayer server games this client has made Minecraft an easier experience. This client removes the need to craft lighting sources which has come in handy when exploring dark caves. I do not have the best device in the world and at times I get pretty laggy when playing pot pvp but thankful, this client makes pot pvp a lot smoother! This client is perfect for any player who enjoys playing survival Minecraft or likes to play multiplayer servers. This client gets a solid 8/10 rating. This client will be getting updated soon and we cover all future updates of this amazing client!