El Chavo del Ocho Addon For MCPE

El Chavo del Ocho Addon For MCPE

El chavo del ocho is one of the most iconic shows ever. With its amazing cast and funny stories, many people have grown up watching these characters. There have been many iterations of el chavo del ocho and this addon brings those characters to life.

This add-on adds the characters of the best Mexican series "El Chavo del Ocho", which will appear the characters of El Chavo for your minecraft worlds, also add new items and new weapons.

Characters can be tamed with ham cakes and while others are only neutral.

Tameable characters:

  • El Chavo.
  • Quico.
  • Popis.
  • Chilindrina.
  • Ñoño.


  • Don Ramon
  • Doña Florinda.
  • Professor Jirafales.
  • Doña Clotilde.
  • Mr. Barriga.
  • Chapulín Colorado

Don Ramon Milkman:
He will be able to sell you buckets of milk, bottles of donkey milk, popsicles and ham cakes.

This works as a vehicle you can get it using this recipe:

DOWNLOAD: https://www.nido-de-addons.com/el-chavo-addon