Minecraft 2022 Mob Vote Addon: Sniffer, Tuff Golem, Rascal

Minecraft 2022 Mob Vote Addon: Sniffer, Tuff Golem, Rascal



This is a small and quick concept of the first mob to vote in Minecraft live 2022. At the moment all his things can only be found in the creative menu until you know more about where he will spawn and how exactly to get his eggs

Sniffer is the first mob to vote in this Minecraft live 2022 here a little look at my own concept of what the sniffer would be like and some of its mechanics seen in the trailer (it should be noted that it can change) at the moment you can only get from the creative

place your egg and watch it grow in three stages

watch him sniff those ancient seeds don't forget to plant them in sand

DOWNLOAD: https://linkvertise.com/247690/mobvote/1



Do you need to visualize the Rascal? Stop waiting and enjoy Rascal with all its functions now!IntroductionThe Rascal is the 2nd Mob of the Mon Vote 2022, this mod is inspired by the images seen in the 2nd trailer, notice it's not official!The mob has wandering trader intelligence, is able to spawn with flames, and can trade items.To get the Mob you can find its egg in the creative or spawn it with commands 

The Rascal is thought of as a cave merchant, in the trailer it is seen that he makes a gift and that he is peaceful, he would be similar to a goblin but a little paler, This º2 Mob is seen to be 1 block tall and constantly crouched .


The implemented intelligence is that of the wandering trader


How to vote this year

To vote there will be 2 ways, one in the game (only bedrock) you will find some specified servers to vote and for those of java they can vote for the official Minecraft website

DOWNLOAD: https://www.trmc-studios.com/2022/10/rascal-add-on.html


Tuff Golem

As a friend of mine put it, this is a walking item frame, that’s about it.

The tuff golem will pick up items and walk around displaying its strong biceps by holding the items all day, nonstop. They occasionally freeze again at the same spot they were made in. Holding the items still…

DOWNLOAD: Get the addon!

This concept was fully developed using Anvil.

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