Top 5 RTX Shaders For Minecraft Bedrock 1.19+

Top 5 RTX Shaders For Minecraft Bedrock 1.19+

Top 5 RTX Shaders For Minecraft Bedrock 1.19+


Vanilla RTX is a PBR resource pack for Minecraft RTX that provides quality PBR maps & fog configurations on top of vanilla game without altering vanilla experience.

Vanilla RTX takes full advantage of per-pixel MERs, which define metallic/emissive/roughness for each block to give them maximum possible detail with both heightmaps & normal maps as separate packs.
All Vanilla, Creative, Education Edition & Secret blocks are covered in Vanilla RTX & Vanilla RTX Normals.

Vanilla RTX lets you experience ray tracing in Minecraft at its best using vanilla textures. All metallic/emissive/roughness values ​​have small and large details and are consistent. Vanilla RTX is updated regularly, adding new blocks, improving existing ones, and also improving some other small packs that allow you to change certain aspects of Vanilla RTX.
Most fog colors match vanilla colors with tweaked stats, but if you prefer to play Minecraft RTX without air fog, you can toggle the no fog option in the resource pack settings .

Wild Update RTX

Caves ?amp; Cliffs


#4 Escape From The Mind: Forgotten Memories [Horror] (RTX Update)

It's been ten years since you were in that awful place in the middle of the woods. A place where Herobrine captured and imprisoned in its own mind. You stopped him and ran away, saving not only yourself but everyone in Mineville. Herobrine has never taken a soul since then. People are disappearing from the city, just as it was when Herobrine was alive. They suspect that Herobrine has somehow awakened and is terrorizing the people of Mineville again. You return to that castle in the woods to confirm your suspicions.

Warning: This map contains jumpscares, loud noises, and flashing lights. 

Important information:

I will upload this map in another chapter. Currently only Chapter 3 is available. Before uploading, upload a teaser image showing the content of the next chapter. We'll let you know on this page when the chapters are available.

If you're viewing this on another site, check out this map at for the latest updates


#3 Legendary Bedrock RTX Texture Pack | 128x, 256x, 512x, 700x |

LEGENDARY RT TEXTURES aims to provide realistic and modern texture packs for Minecraft JAVA, BEDROCK and MCPE EDITION. These are highly detailed PBR textures (a combination of 3D, glossy, matte, and emulsified effects for extreme realism.

LEGENDARY BEDROCK RTX TEXTURE PACK is a realistic RTX-based texture pack for Minecraft Bedrock Edition that includes highly detailed PBR texture maps and fog configurations to create specular, glossy, matte and metallic reflections on block surfaces. Bring and add even more 3D. Glowing texture. In addition, textures change the mist composition to customize texture pack colors with tweaked values, and change water and environment textures for extreme realism.

Currently, the texture pack is in its early stages and contains commonly used Minecraft block textures, more block textures will be included in future updates, so stay tuned! (block list)



Minimum system requirements:

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060, or better
(Without an RTX card, you have only a classic texture pack without 3D effects and shading!)
CPU: Intel Core i5, or equivalent, or better
RAM: 8GB, or more


#2 RealSource CARTOON RTX Pack






#1 RealSource REALISTIC RTX Pack

ealistic RTX texture pack. Available in HD and ULTRA HD.  Textures with light, reflection and 3D surface structure in combination with RTX creates the most realistic RTX package for Bedrock!

With this package you will play all your survival or creative maps with RTX! Just install .MCPACK, activate it in the settings and you have everything with RTX. (you need nVidia RTX graphic card!).

The goal of the RealSource pack is to get as close as possible to the realistic appearance of textures!!!  Textures with light, reflection and 3D surface structure in combination with RTX creates the most realistic RTX package for Bedrock!