LifeSteal Addon For MCPE 1.19!

LifeSteal Addon For MCPE 1.19!

This addon will include all the features from the lifesteal SMP. The credits can be found in the download. This addon gets a solid 8/10 since it is easy and seamless to use. 


The lifesteal addon is based of the plugin from the Lifesteal SMP, where whenever you die, you lose a heart, when you kill a player you gain a heart! This addon is updated to support latest versions of Minecraft (for now) and addon features include; Stealing hearts, Crafting hearts, Withdrawing hearts, and even reviving dead players who lose all their hearts!

Lifesteal Addon


When you kill someone, you gain their heart and they lose one

Hearts can be crafted, using this recipe down below:

Heart Fragment - Used to make hearts

Heart Essence - Used to make hearts

Heart - Used to gain 1 heart

Gain a heart by:

  • Killing another player
  • Using a heart item

Lose a heart by:

  • Getting killed
  • Withdrawing a heart

Withdrawing hearts

Hearts can be withdrawed by doing !withdraw <amount>


The heart of life

The heart of life can be used to revive people, to do it:

  1. Hold the heart of life
  2. Use the command !revive <player>

Craft it using this recipe: