Top 5 AMAZING Addons For MCPE 1.19! - Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Top 5 AMAZING Addons For MCPE 1.19! - Minecraft Bedrock Edition

#5 Better Bedrock Addon


Better on Bedrock (previously known as Vanilla Plus) is a Minecraft Bedrock Add-On that tries to improve the overall gameplay of the base vanilla game. It aims to improve a lot of aspects by improving and adding new bosses, blocks, items, mobs, structures, biomes and systems.

Inside Better on Bedrock you'll find numerous improvements to vanilla biomes. Some of these biomes will have their own exclusive structures, mobs and ores. (Some ores and mobs are not in build v.1.0.1)




Roofed Forest:





#4 Phasmaphobia Addon


Playing Ghost Hunters, you visit haunted locations to collect evidence of Ghosts. But you're not the only one hunting! Paranormal activity drains sanity of players and allows Ghosts to appear and hunt to turn everyone in Ghosts as well.

Minecraft: PHA2MOPHOBIA v3.8: Winter

This survival-minigame is based on the game "Phasmophobia" (2020 by Kinetic Games). Use different items to track down randomized Ghosts. Collect evidence to examine the type of Ghost and earn money. Stack up your inventory in the in-game store and become a professional Ghost Hunter.

This is a Phasmophobia recreation based on the old map that runs on the stable version of MC. Everything was done new which means functionality changed for everything in v3.7.


  • Unique Add-On
  • Singleplayer/Multiplayer
  • More than 20 items
  • In-game store
  • 5 interactive maps
  • (two custom map)
  • Phasmophobia-like gameplay
  • 11 different Ghost-types
  • Detailed surroundings
  • 16x16 Textures and Models in Minecraft-style
  • Constant Updates


#3 Yeti Addon


Time for a serious Christmas Hunt! Locate ten specific biomes, find ten unique items, defeat ten yetis, get ten Christmas letters and you can craft your very own Elf Village or Giant Santa, anywhere in your world. What could possibly be a better present than this..?

Find ten unique items scattered across your Minecraft world, in ten different biomes. Collect a letter from each biome.

The Yeti

If you hit an item, a yeti will appear within two seconds. Battle the yeti, and it will drop a letter. You need these letters to craft an awesome elf village.

A terrifying monster, full of crankiness. Can bust through trees and cacti and, terrifyingly, doors. You must defeat this beast to be granted a letter.

The Items

All items will drop their spawn egg. So if you want to move them around, feel free!

Candy Cane

Found in the desert. The yeti drops a letter 'C'.


Found in Snowy Slopes. The yeti drops a letter 'H'.

Gingerbread House

Found on Mooshroom Islands, drops a letter 'R'.



#2 Seasonal Decorations


TBOI's Seasonal Decorations adds a plethora of high-quality and vanilla-friendly holiday-themed decorations to the game. Celebrate the holidays with dozens of appropriately themed Blocks, Items, Costumes, and more! Additionally, both the Halloween and Valentine's day decorations are included in this pack as well. Have fun getting into the holiday spirit!

Version 4.5 Overview

Hey everyone, the Big Onion here! This version is YET ANOTHER compatibility update. The Mojang Devs are really having a field day breaking this add-on ( ˘︹˘ )

Here's hoping it goes at least more than 2 days before it gets broken again!

Christmas Video Overview

As of Version 2, Christmas-themed decorations have been added to the game to fit alongside the existing Halloween selection. Just as with last time, there is an alternate download that includes a showcase world for you to explore!


Everything in this add-on can be obtained in one of three ways. The first and easiest way is to use the "Spawn All items" item included in the creative inventory. This spawns two barrels that contain everything currently included. The next two methods are survival-friendly. You can Buy Them from a Seasonal Trader or Craft them from a Seasonal Crafting Table. Seasonal Traders are similar to wandering traders, except they only spawn under certain conditions. Halloween Traders only spawn at night and will disappear during the day, while Christmas Traders only spawn in cold biomes. They are the only way of obtaining Seasonal Crafting tables that are needed to craft every decoration.

All Crafting Recipes can be found in the new Recipe Books sold by their respective traders...

Christmas Crafting Recipes

You can also summon Christmas traders with Milk and Cookies crafted like so:

Decorational Top Snow:

I feel like this decoration warrants an explanation of how it works. This snow block is crafted from a seasonal crafting table or bought from a trader. Once placed, it will appear to cover any block beneath it with a snow texture like how regular snow covers grass blocks. Its shape can be changed by clicking/tapping on it with the block you'd like it to take the shape of. For instance, you would click on it using a stair block to get it to be the shape of a stair. Tap it multiple times to cycle through all the different variations of each block type. Currently, it works for Slabs, Stairs, Fences, and Walls as shown below.


#1 Christmas Tree Addon


Christmas Tree is an addon which gives you the possibility to make a Christmas tree to place it in your home, and that's not all, with the passage of time it will leave you gifts with incredible prizes for your survival, add it to your world and play!.  

"This addon doesn't require activating experimental functions, so your world won't be at risk of corruption."


Craft and place your Christmas tree in your home to receive gifts with content selected by santa, it can be charcoal if you behaved badly or well, very valuable items for your survival.