Eternal Client For MCPE 1.18

Eternal Client For MCPE 1.18

Eternal client is a andriod exclusive application that adds many useful functions to MCPE. This client has been around for a few short months but is already getting updated and lots of new features are being added. What makes Eternal client special is that it is not just a simple texture pack or UI change but is an external application that makes real game changing modifications to the game. Be sure to read this article entirely as downloading this client does require a few steps.


- The Eternal client requires that you already have a legal version of Minecraft downloaded in order for this client to launch

- The Eternal client only works on andriod devices at the moment

- The Eternal client is built off of Toolbox for MCPE so if you have toolbox downloaded make sure to delete it before downloading the Eternal Client (Eternal client removes many features from Toolbox that can be considered hacks)

- At the moment the Eternal Client works on versions,, etc and does not work on all recent versions of Minecraft Bedrock so be sure to downgrade if needed


The homescreen of this client looks amazing and has a black and white color scheme to it. The start and options buttons are located in the center with the Eternal client logo on the side. The background is made of a black and white background of Minecraft trees. 


The Eternal Client comes with an amazing mini map that displays the terrain around the area. The radius of the mini map can be changed along with the size of the mini map. On the top left corner you will also see a button with the "eternal" client logo. This button will allow access to the settings of the client. The minimap is extremely useful and looks amazing.


After pressing the eternal client logo button this menu should pop up where you are able to toggle on and off many features such as:
- Health Indicators

- Minimap (radius and size)

- Switcher

- World edit

- Full bright

- Speed when walking


This client allows you to create shortcut buttons that allows you to have easy access to the toggles of this client. You are able to move the buttons to whatever place you would like in order to fit your needs. Mark the check box in order to have access to the shortcut. 


The download to this client can be found in the discord server down below under the "eternal client" channel. The discord is linked to give proper credits to the creators of the client and also so you are able to get instant updates on this client and have a chance to ask the developers questions and much more!