Particle Remover Texture Pack For MCPE 1.19!

Particle Remover Texture Pack For MCPE 1.19!

This texture pack removes most of the particles in the game which will help reduce lag and bring up FPS. Best of all, you can combine this pack with other packs to get better game performance. A simple yet effective texture pack. 


This resource pack was designed to increase FPS and get rid of any and all particles when applied. Additionally, there is a secondary option for max FPS to disable particles and flipbook textures. The main difference between this pack and other particle disablers is that this one actually disables the emitter properties of each particle as opposed to making the particle textures transparent. In other packs that use the transparent texture technique, the particles appear disabled, but are still emitted (which does not reduce lag whatsoever). As previously stated, this pack disables their appearance AND reduces lag

Potion effects do not emit particles around the player.

Nether portals do not emit purple particles.

There are no lava smoke or popping particles.

Sand does not have its usual sand particles when suspended in air. 

Along with all other particles you can think of, they are disabled to prioritize the best performance.

There are now 2 subpack options, one to disable just particles, and another to disable particles and animated (flipbook) textures, such as animated fire, water, lava and more. These textures animating have a minor performance hit in vanilla, so if you need the best performance on a lower end device, this is recommended.

This pack is compatible with minecraft bedrock version 1.13.0 and newer. If you have any questions or comments and would like to message me personally, you can message me on discord. 

discord: ambient#2309