RL Craft Addon For MCPE 1.18

RL Craft Addon For MCPE 1.18

RL Craft is known as the "ultimate" mod for Minecraft and that's mainly due to the extensive and at times overwhelming features the mod includes. RL Craft includes thousands of features from new mobs, new biomes, new game mechanics and much more. RL craft was believed to be a Minecraft Java Edition exclusive addon but thankfully, it has been ported to Minecraft Bedrock Edition where players on mobile devices can finally enjoy these extensive features.

RL Craft for Minecraft Bedrock Edition is essentially a collection of addons put together to create an experience similar to RL Craft. All of these add-ons were created by the YouTuber Vatonage who has over 60,000 subscribers and has been creating add-ons for Minecraft Bedrock for years. This addon was by far one of his biggest addons with hundreds of thousands of downloads and videos on YouTube.

The addon itself contains thousands of features and includes elements from other addons such as: 

Mob Scaling: This addon will spawn in mobs with certain levels of attack depending how far they are from the area you spawn. The further you travel in your world, the more powerful the mobs you encounter will be. This feature will make traveling a much greater challenge, so be sure to pack armor and weapons!

Realism: This feature will add a thirst system and a temperature system to make Minecraft feel more realistic. The thirst bar can be increased by going into bodies of water, drinking bottles of water. going into cauldrons full of water, etc. The thirst bar must be filled up since low thirst could result in player damage. The temperature bar changes depending where you are in the world. In cold biomes such as the ice spikes biome, the temperature bar will indicate that its cold.

Parasites: This feature adds parasites to the game that can combine with other mobs to form crazy creatures capable of insane amounts of damage. On the bright side these mobs will drop amazing loot such as gold and diamonds. 

More Simple Structures: This feature makes exploration significantly more interesting since this addon adds new buildings and structures that spawn in randomly in your world. These structures tend to hold valuable items such as armor. golden apples, etc. These structures range from massive aztec pyramids and castles to boulders that spawn throughout your world. This addon will spawn certain structures based on what biome you are located in. Each biome has its own set of unique structures and truly makes Minecraft exploration much more interesting.

More Biomes: This feature adds many new biomes to the already extensive list of biomes in Minecraft. These biomes include: Cherry forest, Flower forest, Glacier, Marsh, Mushroom forest, Shrublands, Tropical, Wasteland, etc. These biomes are quite rare so you have to do some exploring in your world before you come across any of these new biomes. 

Lucky Blocks: This addon adds three new blocks called "Lucky Blocks." Whenever you craft these blocks, be sure to place them down on the floor and mine them with a picaxe. This addon adds three versions of lucky blocks such as the extremely lucky block, bad luck block and normal lucky block. Depending on which lucky block you crafted, you can get loot from diamonds and gold or punishments such as being trapped in a bedrock cage.

Mob Randomizer: RL Craft isn't RL Craft without the crazy mobs and entities that surprise you as you play the game. The add-on has different versions that add a different amount of mobs to the game. There is a version that adds 100, 500, and even 1000 new mobs to the game. All these mobs will spawn randomly in your world and some do serious damage so be sure to be on the lookout and protect yourself from these mobs

Nether Expansion: As if the nether wasn't already hectic enough, this addon introduces a plethora of new mobs, biomes, weapons and even a new boss exclusive to the nether biome. Enter the nether at your own risk and be sure to be prepared.


This is truly one of the greatest addons ever made and I'm constantly getting surprised as I play this addon more and more. This add-on gets a 10/10 rating for its uniqueness and accessibility.