Top 10 Shaders For MCPE 1.19! - Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Top 10 Shaders For MCPE 1.19! - Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Shaders for Minecraft 1.19 have been a struggle to find but after months we complied a list of 10 fully working render dragon shaders for Minecraft Bedrock. Be sure to check out the people behind these shaders! All credits are in the download. 

#10 NRRDS Shader For Minecraft PE


This is not quite a shader (Since version 1.18.3 in Minecraft Bedrock edition, shaders are no longer supported), but in any case, this texture pack transforms the graphics in the game well, you will definitely like it. This texture pack adds more beautiful fog, realistic sky, beautiful more transparent water, and animated textures for grass, leaves, flowers and plants.


#9 Dark Shaders


Hey guy's what's going on? Today I present you a shader for Renderdragon which supports 1.19+ wild update and Support Android and the name of the Shader is Dark Shader Renderdragon. Well it's still in development in updates i will try to make shader more relastic i am sure  you're gonna enjoy this shader with new wild update.So now let me present you some picture of how the shader looks.

Fog files by Minecraft PE Shaders his channel link - special credit to him

Features of the shader

Realistic nether portal placeholder

Lava looks more realistic at daytime

Water Waves with Normals 

Beautiful fog

Waving dandelion


Beautiful sunset



#8 Craddy Shader

Craddy Shader - these are shaders for weak devices and for new versions with a renderdragon. Shaders change different things in the game. They change the fog, some textures and more! You can read the entire list below and see the photos. Shaders work on IOS,  Android, Windows 10.

Shader functions: 

  1. Atmospheric fog in all biomes
  2. The rustle of all foliage
  3. The rustle of all plants (except for all types of corus).
  4. Dynamic lighting
  5. New cloud texture
  6. New sun and moon texture
  7. Improved nether block textures
  8. Improved textures in the ender world Atmospheric fog in the ender world
  9. Recommendations in the kit description (read them all).
  10. Improved sky in the ender world
  11. Beautiful sunset
  12. Improved Particles 
  13. Improved water


#7 HyRD Enhanced Graphics


Alternative Shaders For Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.19+ Which No longer Supports Shaders From Third Parties due to RenderDragon Engine. With this I made an alternative to beautify your minecraft graphics. and this you can install on Minecraft Bedrock Edition for Mobile Devices or Windows 10. Enjoy! 

Features :

  • Colorfull
  • New water texture
  • New Style Sun
  • Support Android, iOS, and Windows 10


#6 TrainJD Shaders v1.6


TRJD Shaders

   TRJD Shaders v1.6TrainJD is a realistic Texture Pack called shaders. That can make your grass, leaves sway like real-world to improve your gaming experience to the fullest. It also works from devices with 1 Gb of ram, I assure you that you will not regret it.

The 1.6 Updates

Updated Features :

  1. World Tone (has become smoother)
  2. Shadows     (including trees, mountains, etc)
  3. Light            (including torch, glowstone, campfire, etc) 

In-Game Shots

  • Time of day.


#5 BGRD 2.0


I made this texture pack to make minecraft more beautiful. BGRD 2.0 adds a beautiful atmospheric fog, makes the water more transparent and beautiful, replaces the Minecraft sky with a more beautiful and realistic one, this resource pack also changes the sun and moon.

After turning on BGRD 2.0, entering your world you will find animated foliage and animated grass, which will make the minecraft world more alive.

Fog and clear water:




#4 FOG Shader


This Shader compatible with new engine called Render Dragon, but don't worry old engine still inside this pack you can select it later at Pack Settings later on. The new engine may not called shader because i'm using fogs system and debug screen which this is not shader, but the feeling still you're using original f.o.g shader, the downgraded was the sky is static not like 1.5.1 Sky Update, but don't worry you can see the stars at night :)

The shader might slightly defrent due to engine it self.


#3 Universal Pack


The Universal Pack (Renderdragon support) is a package of resources that makes our Minecraft a little realistic to improve the gaming experience and the best thing about it is that it does not have any type of delay in the game 100% optimized


- Day and night color

- Sunrise and sunset

- Cave and mist


  • New grass color
  • Improved sky with more realistic clouds, sun and moon
  • Enhanced Fog
  • New Particles
  • It does not have any delay


#2 KGRD Renewed


KGRD Renewed is a graphics enhancer for the Minecraft Bedrock Edition (Render Dragon) game. This graphics enhancer is changing some aspects of the Minecraft (Render Dragon) game to make it much more realistic such as lighting, coloring, sky, rain, etc.

Creator: Scorpio Graphics, Twitter Account


#1 No RTX Shader


No RTX Shader is a shader Texture Pack for the Minecraft Bedrock Edition gameand it works in the most recent versions of Minecraft, the Render Dragon is not an impediment. 

This texture changes some aspects of the game adding effects, brightness and movement to plants. 

Designed for low end devices, no special requirements are required or experimental mode.