Top 5 Addons For Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.20!

Top 5 Addons For Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.20!

Top 5 Addons For Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.20!

#5 Magicraft Spictra V3


This addon is about fantasy and magic. Let start the description!! Make your Minecraft more challenging and magical

With this addon you can try defeating boss, crafting many new Magical equipments. Have fun!



Ravemon Gaming

The spinal serpent:

The wraith:

The frost charger:

This mob will spawn in cold bioms, it's horns are covered in shards of solid ice, when it chrges the ice spikes will deal great damage and slowness effect but will also break, thy can grow back if the charger is in a cold biome, they are tamable with any golden food, and they may drop their horns when killed.




The locket:

The nightmare:


#4 Go-Kart Addon


Do you like Go-karts? Well this addon is perfect for you, as it adds functional go-karts to your Minecraft Bedrock worlds to use as transportation or for exciting races.The addon includes a go-kart with 16 different colors, as well as animations and sounds for a more realistic driving experience.

To get a go-kart, you can create it with 5 iron ingots and 4 netherite ingots on the crafting table in survival mode, or use the command /give @s add:go_kart.

- Customize your Go-Kart using any color dye.
- If your Go-Kart is damaged, you can repair it by giving it iron ingots.
- You can also get a go-kart of a specific color by using the command:
/summon add:go_kart ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (color name).

If you wish to use this add-on in your projects, you are free to do so, but be sure not to remove the credits of the creator :)



#3 Dynamic Lighting Addon


Are you looking for a bedrock 1.19+ addon for minecraft?

Tired of searching for coal and making stacks of torches to light a cave?

Well if so this addon is for you adding dynamic lighting 

Dynamic lighting consists of having an item, be it a torch or an item that can give light like a lava bucket, by having these items in hand, it lights up around you

having a soul torch will light up moderately




  • Plains

In plains biome you can found lot of tallgrass and large giant trees

  • Forest

Now forest biome is filled by trees. The trees now is twice bigger than before

  • Birch Forest

The shape of the birch tree changes in this mod


#1 Radiums Armament