Bedroctimize FPS Boost Client For MCPE 1.19!

Bedroctimize FPS Boost Client For MCPE 1.19!


Bedrocktimize is an amazing client for Minecraft Bedrock Edition that gives an amazing FPS boosts and offers many unique features. All credits can be found in the download and the rest was written by Nether Ninja so be sure to support him and his amazing work VIA his social media and website!

Bedrocktimize is a really useful resource pack that adds and allows you to access many settings that are organized in their respective settings panels. Bedrocktimize changes the settings interface and start screen interface while keeping minecraft's vanilla style.

Creator Information

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Organized Settings • FPS Booster • Unlocked Options

     Bedrocktimize focuses on the organization of settings and many quality of life changes while also focusing on boosting player's performance. Some of these changes include 3 new setting panels, revamped start screen, quick toggles, clear water, lower mipmap levels, and much more I'll get to down below. Bedrocktimize is NOT made by optifine or linked to it. Bedrocktimize CAN however help you some severe cases of lag/FPS issues.

Changes to Settings:

     Changes to settings include the Player, Graphics, and Advanced Videos panels. The 5 new panels take the current video panel and divides them so certain options can be found quicker. I've also added options that can not be found in the current game like Vsync and the beta text toggle. (Vsync is used to not limit your FPS to 60).

Quick Toggles:

     Quick toggles are any mobile or controller player's best friends. While it isn't possible to place these UI elements on the HUD screen yet, they are at the top left of the settings screen and are easier to access. The top row of buttons allow mobile users to quickly switch between first and third person without the dropdown and scrolling getting in the way.

Quality Of Life Changes:

The quality of life changes include:

  • ➤ Clear water view distance
  • ➤ Shorter "tall" flowers (sunflowers, roses, tall grass, etc)
  • ➤ 5 sided dirt (grass) path blocks
  • ➤ Live Clock compass, and recovery compass in the inventory screen
  • ➤ Start screen revamp
  • ➤ Chest Screen addons
  • ➤ Armor and offhand slots on inventory hotbar
  • ➤Transparent spyglass
  • ➤Transparent pumpkin
  • ➤Drop Item Slots
  • ➤ (And many small details)